How It Began – Pt 5 – ET’s and Spirituality

Something that I found that was really important for my spiritual development was in learning about, and accepting, the symbiotic relationships between us, the ET’s, and spirituality. Given how my journey began through the studies of the extra terrestrial work by Dr. Steven Greer, this was very beneficial for me. You might even say it was necessary for what I required in my journey, not only to begin, but to become open and accepting enough to grow with it as things became more strange.

There are living three dimensional beings, living as we do in this universe with these fantastic technologies which opened my mind creatively, to what else is possible in this life and universe that we are living. Knowing that there are advanced technological explanations (even if it is well passed our knowledge of understanding) it allowed me to accept what normally I would have not been able to accept. The study of extra terrestrials allowed me to accept their strange forms, psychic abilities, and technology. From the countless physical species (which is crazy enough), to biological robots, and conscious machines – yes conscious machines, invisibility through cloaking and dimensional shifts, or even drones in the form of glowing orbs of light. Strangeness.

Reality Check

I am not oblivious to what I feel to be true, may be false. I accept that; however, to what matters, these have been validated to me many times over, so for those I am convinced. What I believe is what I believe for a reason, but often it involves some leap of faith; however, most of the time, for me, it’s been a cautioned and informed leap of faith. I have to feel that other sources that I trust, acknowledge it and it is something that I feel really is true in my heart – never forced. I often find that after I make that leap of faith, as I dive further into the rabbit hole, those leaps of faith become validated through the knowledge I acquired in going deeper. In essence, I don’t think I would have come to the profound understanding of the universe that I have gained without taking those leaps of faith. It was only then, that I was able to find the validations in those leaps of faith that had got me there to begin with.  I am not asking anyone to believe what I believe, this is your own path to explore and your own decision to make, but for me, it all fits together, and it feels true.

DNA Results…

In the Documentary Sirius by Dr. Steven Greer, he investigated the remains of a 6 inch creature with an elongated head found in Chile. Said to have lived to the age of about 6 years old and having no signs of any deformity causing illnesses, they set out to discover the origins of the creature. The DNA research was conducted alongside Emery Smith (Emery is known for multiple alien autopsies conducted under the military). The DNA of the creature turned out to be human, but the scientist was cautioning that yes it is human, but there’s a lot of unexplained DNA in there. Hmm… ok, well that’s interesting. What else?

Since writing, this Emery Smith has come out to public becoming one of the most fantastic and credible insiders. The information he provides is spectacular with messages of hope, love, and compassion in our relationships with many ET races. I strongly suggest watching his various interviews describing his experiences.

Later, I had found an interview with Dan Burisch.

Mr. Burisch claims to be a biologist that took samples from a live ET Grey called J-Rod. His testimony regarding procedures, his surroundings,  and the bases he worked seemed to fit in line the the testimony of others under Dr. Greer’s Disclosure Project. From what I’ve come to understand through my research on the subject he comes across as quite believable. It is a very fascinating interview and I highly recommend watching it. Anyway, the piece of information that is of particular interest here, among many others, is that the DNA test results from the Grey came back – human. This was a very profound eye opening piece of information. Now it was only this Grey, so we don’t know about the other species, but there was also this Atacama creature – So what does this mean?

Psychic Reality

The reality of an alien life form being human, considering we are FAR less developed,  would then suggest that we come from them. I can’t imagine how religious people would react to this information. It pretty much throws out all of the Christian ideas on the creation of man – or at least how we currently view it.  Understanding and accepting this, which is quite a big pill to swallow, would open up yet another door into this labyrinth of a rabbit hole. For me, this would soon open up a whole new world of information that would not only validate this incredible revelation, but open the floodgates to an exciting reality of the universe. But first, we had to take the next step in my evolution.

There was another realization that was confirmed in my mind, what I had tried to believe with pure faith and had little validation of. Knowing that the ET Greys had human DNA and a very similar biology, this meant that all of the psychic and metaphysical powers that were available to them were also available to us, we just hadn’t developed it yet. This and the fact that other humans were capable of it,  had convinced me that these capabilities were possible for all of us to attain. Up till now I had believed on faith, in the things I had read, that this was possible. Eric Pepin had said everyone was capable of it… But honestly, it took this piece of information added to it, to validate it as a solid belief.

Having this belief solidified was actually very liberating because until then you are under an internal battle of justifying your belief. It was such a battle because although I believed it in my heart that it was true, I was not able to demonstrate any psychic abilities. I have always had a tendency towards being empathic, where I can put myself into a situation in my mind or in someone’s shoes and it seems I can feel the emotion of that person or the emotion of that moment as if it was really happening to me. I would dismiss it in that I have a vivid imagination, but I would always wonder. So this realization made me take a closer look at that and also what else might be possible out there.

Now looking back, I realized that I was always frustrated with the absence of any psychic abilities, because I was always looking for something that stood out. But what I realized is that more often than not, those instincts blend perfectly with your normal thoughts and emotions. This makes them easier to dismiss than to isolate them as something unusual or unique. The trick is in getting the rest of your mind, body, and emotions to shut up so you can then see these things for what they are.

Solara An Ra – Pleiadian Emissary to Gaia: A Journey Between Worlds

I was mysteriously drawn to this book, Pleiadian Emissary to Gaia: A Journey Between Worlds by Solara An Ra and bought it without hesitation, and without even knowing what it was about or knowing who the author was. I’ve been trying to figure out how I stumbled on Solara An Ra – I can’t recall and it’s especially frustrating  because this was such a leap of faith for me that was not cautioned OR informed.  All I knew is that she seemed to be some sort of an ambassador to an ET species called the Pleiadians. I didn’t know till I ordered the book and was waiting for it to arrive, when I read that she was channeling these beings. I was actually thinking, oh man, really?! I didn’t know it was like that, then felt a bit discouraged that I had bought the book. I watched a few minutes online of her channeling and watching other people channeling as well, it is just such an odd thing and some act pretty weird during the experience; however, based on what I had learned, this really doesn’t seem that far fetched. So although I was a little hesitant about the book, i was still very curious.

Having read the book, it is quite honestly one of the most amazing books I have ever read. The book came across as very personal, honest, and direct. It honestly felt like I was a reading a modern day adventure of a biblical nature. Curiosity into channeling led to contact with multiple alien species who would provide Solara with detailed instructions for missions that would heal or reboot some of the Earth’s energy centers. By doing this, it would open up the channels to the spiritual realm more easily for people, in an effort to ascend the human race into the next level of vibration. These various alien species are trying to assist us in our evolution of consciousness.

Side Note – Finding Others

As I’ve stated many times, a huge part of this process that is necessary to move forward and to grow, is validation. Also, this can all seem pretty lonely when you don’t have anyone to relate this all with. I started looking for other sources whom I could relate to in my beliefs – in this case, specific to ET and spirit guide contact through meditation or channeling… and I wanted to find people that did not seem crazy haha. A few that I found were, Gigi Young and Bridget Nielsen. Both claim to be starseeds – human-ET hybrids that channel and are intuitives (the new name for psychics). Yes, reading that may sound crazy, but as far as I’ve come, it really isn’t, and in fact, if you listen to them, they are very down to earth haha – yes, I see the irony there, but they don’t come across as crazy, unintelligent individuals. Yet as fantastic as their stories are, the information they provide is accurate, based on all that I have learned from all the different sources, even up till now, what they have to say is in line with those sources and what is possible.

Another resource is Kevin Moore, he provides some great interviews and information, including interviews with Solara, Gigi, and Bridget. I strongly recommend checking him out. I learned a lot through his channel.

My Mission Of Contact

As crazy as Solara’s story was, as well as Gigi Young and Bridget Nielsen, I believed her 100%, and still do. I see her as an unsung hero on this spiritual existence that we are only beginning to understand. I was inspired by who she had become on that journey and inspired by the universe in that it has so much depth, history, and meaning. It is truly exciting – and fun. After reading this book, I felt this mission to establish my own contact. The reason why I had felt this to be important is that I wanted to find my purpose in life and to learn what I needed for my own spirituality. What better place to gain that knowledge than through a higher being. I bought the book that had started Solara on her path to channeling, Opening to Channel by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. This was a book written by the authors in commentary to the messages channeled from Orin and DaBen.

“… Orin, have lived one earth life very long ago in your years… I have long since evolved into pure light and spirit, having no physical body. DaBen is also a being of light and has not lived an earth life.”

They are working with us to assist in raising awareness because humanity is going through a major transition and awakening. Again, I know this sounds crazy, but shoots, I believe Solara, so if she believed – then – plug my nose and jump in.

Types Of Guides

Making the handshake across dimensions can result in many different types of guides. “… those who have been incarnated on the earth and lived at least one earth life; those who have not lived an earth life and are from dimensions outside the galaxy and stars… “, there are also ascended masters (Jesus, would be an ascended master), Angels, guardian angels, extra terrestrials, higher self, “… there are other guides that do not fit into these categories.”. It is also important to note that just because these may be higher beings, does not mean there are not dark or manipulative entities. The positive, as well as the negative may pass through. It is through intent and awareness that you decipher what may be allowed through. Also, I learned that often loved ones who have passed are not likely able to come through because they are not yet enlightened beings, they are lower vibration and not able to control their vibration very well.

Putting It into Practice

This was all pretty exciting to think of all that may be possible to connect to, but also the decision – who should I try to connect to? The advice given was when you are ready to connect to ask for the “Highest Guide” available. This is a way through intention to weed out the low vibration energies which you want to avoid. You can connect to your Higher Self for advice but that higher self will not be is high of a vibration as some of the other higher guides. These higher guides may also be extra terrestrial – how cool would that be? But here’s the caveat, to be able to connect you need to be able to somewhat match the vibration together. So a higher being will need to lower their vibration, and may also assist you in raising your vibration temporarily so that a connection can be made. Also, if a connection is made, especially since I’m a virgin here, the signals will be incredibly subtle so you have to scrutinize everything, no matter (or especially) how subtle or faint a message might be. I decided, in the beginning, to simply ask for any Higher Guide that wishes to support me and can match my vibration, attempt to make contact. Ultimately, however, I would like to connect to my Higher Self – it is me. I think it’s important to understand my Higher Self and try to find my/his intent before consulting outside to improve upon that.

So, the process is to ask them to assist in raising my vibration. Also, another thing to be aware of is allowing for any method as a medium for a message. Touch, sound, air pressure, movement, internal movement, emotion, a thought, an image, a color, even allow for involuntary or suggested movement. These methods for contact are not specifically channeling, but I’m not picky and will take what I can get. Channeling comes through verbally using your body as the communication device. You must also allow for verbal – just speaking (or writing) blankly from the mind. Ultimately, you must try to allow for as many methods as possible for them to attempt to communicate, because you never know what you might be able to resonate with more easily. It is also important to test them. It is expected and necessary to build a relationship. So I would make different attempts to establish some sort of communication, saying “On the count of three, show me the color yellow.” or “On the count of three, play a tone in my ear or ringing.”

My First Experience

I was looking for some guided meditations to help me achieve some sort of connection with a spirit guide.  I found Gigi Young. Yes, she is absolutely gorgeous, and when she talked I can’t help but to lock eyes hahaha. We pretty much align in our beliefs so I looked for and found a guided meditation from her for connecting to spirit guides. I modified it with what I need to establish a deeper meditation to achieve the highest vibration possible… Adding nature sounds, start with tones for focusing on root and solar chakras and a song to establish elevated emotions – then it begins the guided mediation. It took a few times but during this particular mediation, I was deep in the zone and the guided meditation ended, so I stopped the audio and continued to meditate. At one point I said “Tell me your name.” I allowed my mouth to be free to be manipulated and made a sound to allow the sound to also to be manipulated. Although nothing changed or wanted to change with the sound so I stopped making sound, but my mouth wanted to grow wider. My mouth continued to want to get wider almost to the point of it being uncomfortable. I continued to allow myself to give into it and ended up with my head tilted all the way back, my mouth wide open to the ceiling. It for sure looked ridiculous but it was oddly comfortable and it felt that this is what was intended for me to do. I got the distinct impression that this was necessary for a rise in my vibration, or something was coming down above and through my mouth and into my body. It was a little frightening in that it was so unusual, but I felt it was okay and in fact necessary. I ended the meditation noticing tears. This wasn’t uncommon in my meditations because of the elevated emotions portion; however, this was different in that it came from nowhere. This experience was somewhat cryptic, but a powerful experience.

I have noticed for quite a while, up to this point, of synchronicities that have been happening to me. I have made it a very conscious point not to worry about anything and if something has me stressed, then during my meditations I try to manifest, by visualizing and emoting, the result of acquiring or achieving the solution to that which is giving stressing me. That in turn, relieves the stress and soon, and rather discreetly, a synchronicity occurs to help remedy what it is that was causing me the stress before. Sometimes its so subtle or discreet that I don’t think of it until a bit later when I realize – damn that was pretty serendipitous. I also noticed that whenever I made that synchronous conscious connection or if I came across information that profoundly seemed to resonate with me as a sort of message, I get butterflies in my belly and I can feel almost as if tears would start to form.  When I began noticing this, I laughed and was thinking with intention towards my guides – “Is that you doing this?” And the feeling immediately occurred again. I started laughing thinking, you guys are gonna make me a freakin’ baby if every time I sense a blessing I get teary-eyed. This is the downside of an empath where emotions are where you resonate most.

I also began noticing that in a meditation when I would start to nod off, or lose focus, I would get a jerk on my arm or head. Now I would get this even way before and same with most people, if you start to fall asleep your body jerks, but when it happened this time, I had a firm thought in my head – “Focus!”. I sort of smirked knowing I had just been somewhat disciplined. What made the thought of “Focus!” unusual is that in my meditations, I let go. If you strain or attempt with vigilant focus, it does’t work, you have to let go, completely relax, soft gaze – lose focus and then gradually slide back into focus. So the fact that this was a stern order was not at my current conscious level. I think things like this are super easy to dismiss and impossible to ever prove to anyone – I only have my emotion and my own perspective of awareness to what is happening to decipher if it was something unusual. So now when it happens I apologize and think “ok ok!” hahaha.

Although I had these experiences, I was still not able to make any connections when making specific attempts to do so for several weeks. One night as I was doing a meditation laying down and trying again to appeal to my spirit guide, I felt a pressure in the pit of my belly. I had read that these feelings can be felt as an energy passes through your body. So I asked “On the count of 3, pass through my body”. At 3 I felt the feeling again… I tried 2 more times… I felt it. I then said, “On the count of 3, go into my body and stay there, then I will say now, and you will exit my body”. So I got the feeling on enter, but nothing when it left. I asked again – same thing. Then I felt something on the top of my head. It felt like something landed on top of my head. I restrained myself from reaching up to check. I was fairly certain it was just some feeling from the meditation. I then asked again “On the count of three pass through my body.” I felt the pressure in my belly AND on my head… I asked again, and it did it again. That was all I was able to do, but it was controlled and repeatable. This was pretty exciting. Very small achievements, but achievements none the less. I knew I still had a long way to go.

This Is Just The Beginning

As you read this journey, this has been my evolution in growth and understanding as I discover and experience this world of the metaphysical, ETs, and spirituality. It can be quite exciting to discover new information, that to your core, you believe to be real. Information that you feel not many people know about or can accept – or that it seems you are at the leading edge of new information. I would soon find out just how much I had missed that had been available for many years. I would realize just how much I really needed to learn. At the same time, it would intensify my journey toward the greatest enlightenment I could have never imagined. This was not only a spiritual but academic adventure, and this was just the beginning!

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