About Me

My name is Thom Duppstadt aka “Dupp” or “Duppy”. Sorry for the shameless topless pic as my bio but the tattoos are a big part of me. The composite I created here represents the tattoos on the associated arms, my love of the islands and the ocean, and my love for the jungles and the mountains.

How It Started

Ok enough about that. The past couple years I unintentionally, then intentionally, had embarked on a spirit quest. I created this blog so that I could document my journey into consciousness, my pursuit to enlightenment; but its more than that. The wheels started in motion about 2 years ago around 2016 and went into a conscious mission about a year ago. I have since found myself believing shit (yes, i think giving myself permission to curse here is important for language expression so I won’t limit myself there). Anyway, so yes, I found myself believing shit that years ago I would have thought were nuts. Slowly I was able to find others out there sharing my nut-filled beliefs and introducing more nut-filled beliefs, or as I see a lot of debaters calling it, foo-foo. The only problem is, although I came to believe in my core that these crazy things were in fact real and feeling validation in hearing the same from others and from what I felt internally, I never found where these other people came to believe such things as me, or how they ended up down this rabbit hole of strangeness.

My Quirks

I, more often than not, form a belief but then as time passes I forget what was the trigger or key point or source that made that belief real for me, I simply accept that I had come to that conclusion through analysis and valid reasoning and so that is my belief until I learn something new that might enlighten me to disprove that belief. It is VERY important to stay fluid in your beliefs and not hold on to something just because; otherwise, you will crystallize and remain static without growing. But this issue with memory also prevents me from engaging in debates, because quite simply I can’t remember how I might have come to that conclusion. But one thing to know about me is that I have a very logical mind and will analyze everything. So I will accept an idea quite easily but it is fragile until I can analyze it and solidify that as a solid belief… make sense?

Purpose Of This Blog, Who This Is For

I often get philosophical, so love it or hate it, this is how I roll. My point here is that over time I have come to believe as many others believe in some really crazy shit, the purpose of this blog is to show you how this journey down the rabbit hole unfolded, how I came to believe such things, and how they are justified to me. This blog is also meant to share my experiences, how I interpret those experiences, and how those experiences may have affected me. Lastly, this is also a medium to share some of my practices of ritual and meditation. The ones that I will present here are not just “hey this is just cool or fun”, if it is I will say so. The ones I present here are because these are things I put into practice or developed that have a very real impact on me in some way, and I will share those experiences.

Overall, I have struggled to find, with many of those I look up to, how they came to believe what they believe. In that way, I have found few, if any, that I can relate to. The ones I have found relating such stories are those that have been born with a sort of ‘gift’ already. I have the gift of shitty memory, but I don’t think that counts. So this is for all those giftless, misfit, misunderstood noobie spiritual hippies out there trying to stumble their way to enlightenment. OR maybe you’re already in it but are looking for some inspiration or another perspective, either way, I got your back, but hold on to your shorts cause this is going to be one hell of a ride.

Keeping Up With Bat-Shit Crazy

Something to keep in mind. Sometimes this stuff goes crazy real fast. If you are completely unexposed to such things this may – no, this WILL come across as shocking lunacy haha. I was there too. I do show the path of how this all came to be in my belief system throughout my journey, so take the time to see how it came about. Because I am condensing 1000s of pages of books and countless resources on how we got to what I believe today, I am moving rather quickly, it can seem quite overwhelming.  This is like going back to the middle ages with a truck load of our latest technologies and saying, “Here you go, these are real”… It’s a lot to take in. So as you go, if something makes you curious, dig deeper and see where your own journey goes then draw your own conclusions.


So just some resources, feel free to follow me on Instagram and Facebook. I’m still in the sort of a spiritual coming out of the closet so you will slowly see more and more spiritual stuff regarding my journey, but currently it’s a little shy about that stuff haha. Also, this YouTube channel of mine is to compliment this site and provide media resources and meditations. Again, I’m new at this so its a little barren now so bear with me as I develop. Lastly, if you are so inclined, I am a web developer so you can check out my kinda-professional site tduppstadt.com, I’m always open for mo’ bizness.

About Posting

I have enabled comments on this blog. I truly welcome and encourage your comments and to share your own personal stories. So if you are posting, please keep it positive, respectful, and uplifting. Coming out in this type of journey requires courage and I want this to be a safe place for others to express their journey as well. This is a very personal and vulnerable expression of my journey, it’s most certainly not for everyone and most people will certainly not understand or agree with my views and opinions. If you wish to be vocal about it, feel free to scream it out your front door and out to the universe, cause negativity and trolling will not be tolerated in my house.

Thank You – Namasté

Well that’s about it. I will save the rest for my posts. But for whatever reason you are here and reading this, I sincerely thank you and I sincerely hope you find something here useful in your own journey, or in the very least have something entertaining to show your friends, “Oh shit, look what bat shit crazy stuff he’s saying here!”. Regardless, that’s the kind of stuff you have deal with when Going Conscious.

Namasté –> speaking of, I always feel weird saying that…I’m not sure, I think it was Julia Roberts in “Eat Pray Love” she went to India where everyone was greeting each other with “Namasté”.  I love the meaning of word, an “acknowledgment of the soul in one by the soul in another”. That’s beautiful. It reminds me of Avatar’s greeting “I see you.”.  In that movie she said something like, “What if everyone in the world greeted each other like that what a lovely world it would be.”. I agree. I guess in a world of jadedness and cynicism, such a word feels cheezy.. But I would love to surround myself with others where it is not. So in an effort to change that paradigm…