Law of One – The Co-Creator

The feature image is a composite I put together based on the work of Erica Wexler. I encourage you so support her incredible talent.

As always, I must speak with a disclaimer that the words here are of my own opinion and interpretation on my views in regards to the Law of One.  I would encourage everyone to read the books on their own, which you may find here, in an effort to receive the information free of any distortions that I may unintentionally add here.

We always hear the statement that we are all co-creators because we come from the consciousness of the Creator. This is unmistakably demonstrated in our physical world in the creative arts of humanity, not only through the traditional arts as we know them, but creative ingenuity,  creative thinking in new ideas and technologies. Create is what we do. All forms of life create as well but maybe to lesser degree than ourselves because of our evolution of consciousness.

It is described in the Law of One that God/the Creator created the expanding universe while emerging from its consciousness an individualized consciousness called the Logos. The Logos would be blessed with free will as a co-creator to create our galaxy as they saw fit. Other galaxies, with their own Logos are offered the same opportunity. These Logos may be considered gods (with a lowercase ‘g’). These universes consisting of star clusters, planets, and other sub-Logos. We fall into a category of sub-sub-Logos. Infant creators you might say. It is important to understand that the laws of our galaxy are not the laws of all galaxies. There are some universal rules, such as the law of free will, and the levels of ascension; however the natural laws and the designed path to ascension may be very different from one galaxy to the next. For example, the veil that has been placed on us to forget our past lives and to hide our metaphysical selves, is something that was designed for us after many experiments in our galaxy and may be unique to our galaxy. It was designed  by our Logos to enrich our experiences and create a more effective tool of learning for our Higher Selves.

Creators Of Our Lives

Nearly all religions affirm that what we believe, how we think, and our perspective creates the life we live. In this illusion of the senses and dense matter it is hard for us to fathom that thought can manipulate and mold the shape of our existence. I don’t mean this in simply think happy thoughts, see the world through happy eyes and your world will be happy, although this is true. I am actually referring to a universe that will bend to you if you will it to do so in a very real way.

I am not really going to get too deep into how and why this works, I have discussed all this in great detail in my previous post

Law of One – Doubt


What I do want to get into, and the point of this post, is to explain in what I have found to be a profound revelation into how deep this might go.

Out Of Body Experiences

I have recently become very interested in the practice of Out of Body Experiences (OBE). Also known as astral projection and related to remote viewing. These are also experienced in near death experiences. My interest in this subject came about because I was experiencing extremely strong full body vibrations. I heard it once described as like holding on to a chainsaw, but its actually even more full and intense than that. To the point I can feel the vibrations on my eyeballs. There is also accompanied with that, full body tingling, numbness, and paralysis. Now I can certainly shake my self out of this anytime I want, so it’s not something I ever feared was something dangerous, but for sure, this was something every powerful and I wanted to learn more about it and what I can do with it. This was not at all a rare experience. I get this experience with varying degrees of strength 95% of the time. Of that 95% I would say 70% are to the extreme experience which I described.

After some research I realized that these sensations are what occurs seconds before an out of body experience. I’ve been experiencing this for almost a year now so I was shocked that I have been so close and had not quite experienced that. I have had many strange and amazing experiences but not to the degree of detail described in others’ OBEs. Learning more about what it is and what you can do, I’ve become absolutely fascinated. With such experiences as being able to fly, explore other worlds and dimensions, meet and converse with multi-dimensional beings including loved ones who have passed and your Higher Self, explore past lives, experience life after death – not only that, but become adept at operating in this world where we are destined to one day be part of when when we move on. This is remarkable. To be able to learn more about myself, my spirit, and the journey I’ve been on – learn more truths about the universe and how it operates and my place in that universe. In my opinion, this is a resource that I simply cannot ignore. I have to explore this.

I began my research through the internet discovering resources, here are a few notable resources including Ryan Cropper, The Path: Beyond the Physical, Paul H. Smith. I bought 2 books. Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce, which I would describe as a textbook for OBE, then the book which is the main subject for the this post, Adventures Beyond the Body by William Buhlman. This book was a very personal account spanning 24 years including journal entries of experiences, a detailed guidebook, and a scientific and metaphysical analysis what these experiences mean to us as individuals and the universe.

I will not attempt here to convince to the reader that this phenomena is real, this is something you must discover for yourself. I firmly believe this is real beyond conscious artifacts of the mind to a very real experience of existence. Although this has been proven, it still requires the presence of an open mind to accept. Once you are able to believe in this, the impact these experiences may have on you are, i think, beyond mystical. For the word may not be enough to properly articulate the breadth of it’s significance.

I apologize for the extended quotes from the book, Adventures Beyond the Body, but William Buhlman exquisitely describes these environments within the out of body experience and it is necessary to understand the impact of what is being described here  …

The vast majority of non-physical environments encountered are extremely thought-responsive. In other words, when we separate from our bodies and enter a non-physical dimension, our thoughts, both conscious and subconscious, will immediately begin to interact with and restructure the subtle energy around us. The thought-responsiveness of the inner dimensions explains why out-of-body explorers often describe the environments they witness with such diversity. Complicating this situation is the fact that countless environments and realities exist within each individual dimension of
the universe….

… Information concerning the non-physical dimensions is more valuable than most of us recognize. Not only can it help us to adapt and adjust within non-physical environments, but it can also dramatically affect our current physical existence…

A single non-physical dimension can (and often does) contain three primary types of energy environments: consensus, non-consensus, and natural.

A consensus environment is any environment or reality that is created and maintained by the thoughts of a group of individuals. For example, the heavens of each religious group are created by the thoughts and beliefs of their respective inhabitants. Like all realities, the consensus environments are molded by the group consciousness. Many of the consensus environments are extremely old and resistant to change. As unusual as it may sound, physical cities and communities are examples of consensus energy environments. Every city and town is created and developed according to the thoughts of its inhabitants.

Essentially, human thought-energy uses biological vehicles to manipulate and mold the physical molecules around us. The end result is the temporary physical structures we see. During an out-of-body or near-death experience, we transfer our conscious awareness from our physical body to our higher-frequency non-physical body…

As we explore inward away from matter, we discover that the first non-physical dimension parallels the physical universe and is also a consensus reality. This energy environment is so physical in appearance that most people believe they are observing the physical world. In reality, they are observing the first inner energy dimension of the universe. Since this dimension is closest in frequency to matter, it is often seen and experienced during out-of-body explorations. This dimension is a classic example of a consensus reality: its structure is solid and stable within its own vibratory frequency. Our thoughts, no matter how focused, have little effect on the energy structures within this environment. However, our thoughts will exert a tremendous impact upon our personal energy-body. Thoughts of flying will enable us to fly. Thoughts of walking will enable us to walk. The distinction between external and internal (personal) energy changes is critical to understanding the inherent structure of a non-physical dimension or environment. In a consensus environment, our thoughts influence our personal energy but not the energy surrounding us. The various heavens referred to by Saint John in Revelation and Mohammed in the Koran are classic examples of consensus environments. These non-physical cities and structures exist within the second and third energy dimensions and continue to be molded and maintained by the group consciousness of millions of non-physical inhabitants. When we enter these environments, our thoughts will not change the structures encountered.

A non-consensus environment is any non-physical environment or reality that is not firmly molded by a group. I have found that this type of environment is the most prevalent. The appearance can be anything we imagine: a forest, a park, a city, an ocean, even an entire planet. Non-consensus environments are easily detected because, while often physical-like in appearance, they are extremely sensitive to focused thoughts and will rapidly change and restructure according to the prevailing conscious and subconscious thoughts present in the immediate area….

This following paragraph is what blew my mind to the reality of our thoughts through the understanding that we are co-creators….

… More often, the non-consensus environments will appear much like our normal or even idyllic physical surroundings; parks, landscaped country gardens, and peaceful green meadows are commonly reported. I believe it’s probable that many of these areas were created by the thoughts of other non-physical life-forms who have inhabited or explored the areas in the past. Unlike in the physical world, once an energy environment is formed, it can last for centuries. Cellular and molecular decay are not an issue; it’s simply a matter of thought-energy formation and stability. A single, firmly held, creative
thought can mold an energy environment capable of lasting almost indefinitely; however, a stronger (more focused) thought could alter the entire environment within seconds. Remember that all environments are a form of energy, and all energy is thought-responsive to some degree…

Natural (raw) energy environments are completely unformed areas of the universe that appear without a specific shape or form of any kind. These areas are often observed as misty voids, empty space, or featureless, open areas consisting of white, silver, or golden clouds of energy. Natural energy environments are extremely sensitive to thought. Any focused thought will instantly mold the immediate energy environment. This is why it is so important to gain some degree of control over our thoughts. Our personal evolution largely depends on the way we focus, control, and direct our thought energy.

No matter what dimension we inhabit, our personal responsibility for our thoughts and actions is absolute. All thoughts are creative; both positive and negative thoughts and action will create a corresponding restructuring of the immediate non-physical environment. This is why spiritual leaders have always stressed themes of “do unto others” and “love for all.” Once you fully recognize the power of your thoughts, you will never again create or hold a negative or destructive image in your mind. Negative and self-limiting thoughts are the real enemy we must face. Within the inner dimensions of the universe, our thoughts, both good and bad, exert a powerful creative influence upon our immediate environment. This is readily observed and experienced during an out-of-body experience. In addition to the three most prevalent types of environments encountered when out-of-body, there are two others. The first, though rarely observed and reported, seems to consist of dimensions and environments that exist beyond thought energy.

Currently, few explorers have consciously ventured far enough within the universe to provide an accurate description or model of these dimensions. Possessing no perceivable shape or structure, these areas of the universe are postulated to exist beyond space, time, and energy as we conceive of them. It is possible that these dimensions and their inhabitants are indescribable by our linear concepts. Even so, I’m certain that non-thought and non-form energy environments exist deep within the interior of the universe…

… One thing is certain. Decades of non-physical explorations and millions of near-death experiences consistently point to a single conclusion: the direct substructure of the physical universe is a subtle form of energy undetectable by our current physical technology. This unseen energy is highly organized, structured, and supportive of the outer physical universe. The incredible amount of interdependence existing between the unseen, non-physical dimensions and the outer physical crust of the universe points to a much more complex system of energy than modern technology and science are currently able to observe…

Now if you are anything like me at this point, you may be picking your jaw up off the floor.

Law of One Validation

In the Law of One, Ra describes the creation of the universe which validates what Buhlman describes…

The energies moved in increasingly intelligent patterns until the individualization of various energies emanating from the creative principle of intelligent infinity became such as to be co-Creators. Thus the so-called physical matter began.

Other related statements (sorry if these seem fragmented, but these brief snippets are to show connections drawing to a conclusion) …

Questioner: Then could you say that sixth-density entities are using that mechanism (creating the manifestation of the sun in their density)  to be more closely co-Creators with the Infinite Creator?

Ra: I am Ra. This is precisely correct as seen in the latter portions of sixth density seeking the experiences of the gateway density….

Questioner: What was the ultimate objective of this Logos in designing the archetypical mind as It did?

Ra: I am Ra. Each Logos desires to create a more eloquent expression of experience of the Creator by the Creator. The archetypical mind is intended to heighten this ability to express the Creator in patterns more like the fanned peacock’s tail, each facet of the Creator vivid, upright, and shining with articulated beauty….

… It is well for each to realize its self as the Creator. Thusly each may support each including the support of self by humble love of self as Creator.

Drawing Conclusions

God created the universe to experience.  It is clear that our current existence is a sort of schooling. There are lessons to be learned in each density, or grade in our schooling. These lessons include, experiencing creation from the ground up through our own personal evolution of the spirit. Each grade or density requires a particular lesson to be learned in order to ascend.  Some of these lessons include, understanding we are all are one,  the ways of love, and the ways of wisdom. While along the way we continue to create our path and learn how to manifest creations more efficiently and effectively for ourselves. All the while, these experiences expand upon the experiences experienced by the Creator. So what then?

Doesn’t it seem that all this comes to the conclusion that we are learning to become Logos or creators of other galaxies just as those that have created the ones before us? – and that our education as creators also serve as new and ever expanding experiences for the Creator? Then the system feeds back into itself where then we are to become creators ourselves?  The universe is expanding at an exponential rate. This is a scientific fact. Could this be as new Logos are appointed and new galaxies are created?

Law of One, Q’uo states, “Certainly creatorship is young. You are a very young god or goddess. You are a toddler…”.

Doesn’t it seem as though these explorations through OBEs are sort of a sandbox, or playground for us as toddler creators? Whereby creating these persistent, yet delicate, non-physical worlds with our thoughts are ways to help us to learn important and fundamental lessons in controlling our thoughts, understanding the impacts of those thoughts, and essentially teaching us how to walk before we can run?

There is no way for us to know if any of this I am describing is true. I am just trying to connect the dots, but these connections make sense (to me) and point to a brilliant and self sustaining design of growth, experience, and creation. It shows me what an artist God really is, but more importantly, it shows how important we really are and that we are all destined to become co-creators alongside God himself. The awe and the grandeur that is our journey is nothing short of spectacular and vastly underestimated by us all.

Go forth and focus on the art that is your life. Manifest beauty to be inspired by all, for tomorrow, we become painters of galaxies and worlds… How wonderful is that!