The ‘Knowing’

I wanted to write about the pros and cons of the ‘knowing’, in what derives from the awakening.

First let me define ‘knowing’ as my own truth that I have discovered in this process of awakening. It is the grand awakening to the nature of the universe, that is unique to me. There are many others who have awakened that may not share the same truth. This does not lessen any one person’s truth or experience of awakening. Someone’s awakening through the Bible might hold a very different truth from my own. Who is to say what is the actual truth? There is no way for us to know without actually knowing, and the veil on our third density existence reinforces this unknowing. It’s quite the paradox.

I figured I should first discuss the burden of ‘knowing’.

The Burden of ‘Knowing’


My ‘knowing’ of the truth comes from what I feel in my core, what is reinforced through personal validations both internally and externally. It’s knowing that I can’t prove, but I know it with every fiber of my being that this is real, and is my truth. Hence the first burden of knowing; because it is not provable – how can I share this wonderful and blissful knowing in a way that is convincing? You really can’t. You may only plant a seed of intrigue that may spark their own journey to seek the truth. Each person must find this realization on their own. It cannot be impressed upon them in a monologue. For most, it will be too much information, and may in fact, cause them to push back from it as a result.

I have been guilty of doing this myself out of my own excitement to share this information. It has been met with mixed results. I think only those who are in the midst of their own awakening may accept the information with an open mind. Those who have not yet reached this stage will more likely be repelled by it. It may also diverge greatly from their own truth or what they feel they can relate to. In my experience, I have found that the general end message or ideas regardless of the belief or ideology are always the same but how that information is presented to relate to you individually is what will draw others  in to your particular understanding. All that matters is the spark of curiosity to want to learn more, regardless of the path it takes them on. It is important not to let the ego discourage you because they cannot relate to your particular understanding of the truth, just be thankful they too are on their own path and relate in that way.

It’s taken a long time to reach my current understanding of things and I know I still have a long way to go. It takes a lot of research and in that research, discerning, contemplating, and searching for validation – it’s exhausting. It most certainly does not happen overnight and in reading one book. Just because I have my truth does not mean you could just read it and adopt it, you have to discover it for yourself and seek your own validation otherwise it’s just information – but not a personal creed. Even the Law of One may require people to ease into it with in-depth exploration into ET, psychic phenomena, channeling, occult, and metaphysics if you are not already exposed to such things. Then after ALL that you still have to be open-minded enough to throw it all out for new ideas, because if we get locked into our ego and become stubborn and lazy we may miss out on another leap of faith that could once again change our universe to something even more spectacular.


The next burden of ‘knowing’ in the awakening is loneliness. I have read many spiritual memes stating that awakening and enlightenment is a very lonely road. I find this from my own experience to be very much so. In shedding old beliefs, ways of thinking, living, and being – you shed people, places, things, interests, activities, thoughts, foods, and behaviors. Although these things have been shed, not in sacrifice, but in that they no longer serve you in who you are becoming – it is difficult in becoming something new in which there is no one to greet you into this graduation or initiation of life. It is literally starting new again, to be born again (if I may borrow a Christian term). It can be quite overwhelming – and it is a one way road because there is no going back. You can not un-know it.

It will certainly not always be this way. As time passes you will meet people of like minds based on your new frequency and vibration, brought on by your new activities, interests, state of mind, and behaviors. I look forward to that time. In the meantime it is the lesson, the journey, to love and forgive yourself. Using this precious and valuable time for soul searching to discover who you are, why you are here, what your purpose is, and how to see that through.

I would like nothing more than to sit and discuss with a group of friends all these wonderful and fascinating things in our universe, consciousness, other worlds, other beings, spirituality, and the evolution of the spirit and our world. To discuss these things in a deep and intellectual dialog of discovery reminiscent of Plato’s, The Republic. I am such a spiritual nerd haha.

Having said all that, the benefits greatly outweigh the burdens.

The Benefits of ‘Knowing’


Understanding reincarnation, that we incarnate 1000’s of times over tens of thousands of years is quite liberating. Why? Because we don’t have to feel like we have to pack every moment and feel such regret for missed opportunities. Now that doesn’t mean we don’t try, we most certainly want to get the most out of this incarnation and make the most out of every opportunity possible, but doesn’t the understanding of reincarnation allow yourself to forgive yourself much easier and put less pressure on yourself if things don’t work out as planned?

What does this knowledge of reincarnation do for your fear of death, or the death of a loved one? When we pass, this is only half of that incarnate cycle. We then meet with our Higher Self in a review of our lives in time/space. Where we can see all time at once, where we see and identify missed opportunities. We then plan our next incarnation, creating an environment for the lessons we still need to learn for our eventual ascension into the fourth density. Pick your parents, make deals with other entities for missions to be carried out in our next incarnation here on Earth.

Which is a good time to take a moment and reflect on such things in your life. You chose your parents – this may have been a positive or negative experience – but what did you learn from them? What should you learn from them? Why did you pick them? What about maybe some limitations you have, even a disease or something as simple as an allergy – what lesson is there to learn? Maybe soul mates, friends, enemies – what did you learn or should learn from those people in your life?

This understanding about the incarnate cycle can liberate you from your fear of disease and death. When you can find the lesson and know that this is simply another cycle but not the end of you at all, just the end of your current broke ass physical body haha. This is liberating. The key players or cast in our lives are very often reoccurring casts in our incarnations. Where once your teacher in the next lifetime will be your mother. Your mother in this lifetime may be your older sister in the next. Even bullies that you had, may show up in another antagonistic way in the next lifetime, until you learn your karmic lesson.  So in losing a loved one – they also are not gone, they are continuing their own lessons and you will find each other again. Isn’t that beautiful. How freeing is that to know. Think of how exciting this all is in the grand scheme of things!

Sense of Purpose

Another great benefit is a sense of purpose. When you know what you are ultimately here to do. Ra has stated that we are here to experience for the Creator. In a mission to experience many-ness, this universe, in all its cosmic laws, were created so that we could maximize the greatest and most varied opportunities of experiences. These experiences make their way back to the Creator. Remember that day you bungy jumped? So does he – he gets butterflies every time he thinks of the first time we did it haha.

Now beyond experiencing life, we may seek to ascend to higher dimensions to experience even more opportunities at life. How do we do this? With a choice. There are simply two choices, service to others (positive polarity) or service to self (negative polarity).

If you wish to pursue a life that is positive, then you pursue the service to others. In every opportunity and situation, no matter how big or small you always search for the option that offers the most opportunities for service to others. So does that mean you give every penny you have to a homeless person? – no because that is temporary, your money will run out. Find a way to be of the most service. Whenever there is a choice to be made, let this simple rule be what guides you.

It also goes with negative, if you wish to be an asshole or service to self (as I am in service to others we do not say asshole, for we all are one, so that asshole is also me. haha) Service to self is about control. Controlling others, but also controlling yourself. The Creator does not favor or discriminate, we are all perfect in His creation, we all are one.

Commitment of  service either to others or self is the most important thing we must do. If you are already doing that then you are good to go. Ascension may take longer, but this much will get you there.

If you choose to enable the earliest possibility for ascension you must balance the chakras. This will ultimately raise your vibration to be in harmony with the fourth density. It will take a lot of time and reflection. The chakras must be balanced from the bottom up. The energy flows upward and any blockage is like a knot in a hose where the flowing energy will be hindered in the chakras that follow. You will have to research which chakras influence which centers – unfortunately, to describe this would be beyond the scope of this post. Blockages can be identified in emotions, egos, behaviors, habits, injuries, diseases and karma. Just research which chakras identify with what you are dealing with.

You should also resolve your karmic lessons or close karmic circles. Resolving this can help resolve chakra blockages. These can be elusive and can even extend to karma of a tribe. Maybe your family has a history of owning slaves. The key to resolving all karma is honest forgiveness. Forgiveness of those involved and forgiveness in yourself. If either are not sincere the karma will remain.

The great thing about all this is that not all is lost when we pass. If you resolve karmic cycles you will not have them in the next incarnation. If you have awakened and pierced the veil in this lifetime, you will still be veiled, but you will be able to pierce it more easily. If you developed metaphysical skills like psychic abilities, those will also return in the next incarnation. In other words, once the path to ascension has been accepted, the system is designed to accelerate that growth.

Ultimately, as each of us awaken, we raise the collective consciousness of us all here on Earth, enabling a global ascension.

This ‘knowing’, to me, makes life more precious, exciting, and purposeful. It allows me to proceed in life with deliberate purpose with confidence in the choices I make and how to live my life.

Knowing Right and Wrong

I won’t go into too much detail here because I discussed this at length in my post ‘Law of One – The Nature of Evil‘. It seems like a common sense thing, to know right from wrong – but it really isn’t because there are historical, cultural and social stigmas that have solidified judgments on behaviors that make us question ourselves if we are doing what is ‘right’ or make us feel bad because this might be ‘wrong’. There seems to be a lot of grey area where we aren’t sure which is the right decision.

In the eyes of the Creator, there is no right or wrong. It is all perfection. To say there is ‘wrong’ would suggest that God made a mistake. As you recall, there are only two paths, the service to others and the service to self. God does not discriminate or favor any choice, that is the perfection in free will. Consider the path you have chosen, if you truly wish to do the ‘right’ thing, whether you are a positive polarity or a negative polarity, to make the choice to do what best supports that polarity is the right decision, regardless of the historical, cultural, or social stigmas that may be attached to that decision.

So how is this so beneficial? Here is a quote from my earlier post on this…

This knowledge is greatly liberating and allows us to pursue life with more confidence – regardless of social stigma for our choices.  As I have said, I have shy’d away from interests in the past because of history or social stigmas that make me question if something is positive or negative. Now that I have my own reliable gauge for what is right and wrong I can pursue my life with confidence in knowing that what I am doing is positive. It also allows me to learn and research more freely and with confidence in being able to discern whether the information is positive or negative. If the information divides people, creates fear, or suppresses people in any way, this is of a negative influence.

Goodbye Negativity

Before all this began, I paid close attention to the news with disgust in the behavior of our government and the treatment of our planet and its people. Paying close attention to conspiracies in the countless and unscrupulous means to control information and the public – especially when it comes to the universe, consciousness, alien life, and technologies. I would get so angry and want to beg people to wake up to what is going on. In the Law of One, whenever questions would arise about these types of subjects he would always reply with – this information in unimportant and of a transient nature. This information is of such a low vibration that Ra stated that they would lose connection to the channeler and may then be replaced with a negative entity. Think about that, this information carries with it a low vibration. So taking these things to heart will only hold you back. They are unimportant because this is not about our purpose here at all – they are simply distractions.

Now I will be the first to admit that I am fascinated regarding our true reality in what is truly being withheld from us. Its quite stunning – but at the same time beautiful in how truly vast and interesting this world really is if some people were to get out of the way of it. So in the beauty of what truly is I continue to enjoy learning what I can, but I am unaffected by the negative aspect of it all because, as Ra stated, it is unimportant and is not within my purpose – unless it is haha. Who knows, perhaps this blog, in its own small way of disclosure, may help awaken another – then the disclosure of these secrets may be part of my mission or purpose.


I never made a plan for what I want to try to understand or reveal to myself. It was a blind search for something else that was leading me. So here I am. I have learned things I never could have imagined. Things so fantastic it goes beyond the imagination of any sci-fi movie and deeper than any science or psychology book. Its caused me to face and challenge things in myself and my beliefs. There is just no way to describe it. I will never be Enlightened, for Enlightenment is to know, but I will forever be a seeker, and in my ‘knowing’ this is my enlightenment.