Law of One – Doubt

As always, I must speak with a disclaimer that the words here are of my own opinion and interpretation on my views in regards to the Law of One.  I would encourage everyone to read the books on their own, which you may find here, in an effort to receive the information free of any distortions that I may unintentionally add here.

Ra has often states that definitive proof to such things in the cosmos like the Creator, alien life, power of the mind, metaphysics, nature of consciousness, etc – is generally forbidden. The first thought that comes to most people’s minds (including my own) is  – “Well that’s quite convenient.” It wasn’t till now that I can respond to that with… “EXACTLY!”. I don’t know about your definition of God or the Creator, but MY definition is that he is smart as hell. The master artist, the master scientist, and the master magician. You have to admit, there’s a lot of weird things going on in our reality. There seems to be this hidden puzzle or some game to life that we don’t even realize that we are playing and don’t even know what the rules are.

After a lifetime of soul searching I would stumble on the Ra Material which stated that the Creator wished to experience many-ness. As the universe expanded the Creator’s consciousness split into individualized (although still connected) forms of consciousness called the Logos (yes, more than one).  We in turn are also individualized consciousness of the Creator. The Logos is free to make its own decisions (as we are) in creating a galaxy with its own laws in an experiment to best create experiences that would ultimately be experienced by the Creator. Billions of years later and countless experiments by our Logos, and we have, our current reality and the laws that govern it.

Now I don’t know about you, but this is very cool and very creative. I would think if the infinite Creator had infinite time he wouldn’t just make us and then surround us with empty space so we couldn’t get out and call it a day.

Free Will

So if you were to create this galaxy and were tasked with trying to create the greatest variance of experience doesn’t it make sense that doubt or the unknowing would be the ultimate tool of experience? The key to this experience is free will. The ability to choose to believe or not to believe. Intrusion of knowing violates free will. As in, if angels were to appear before us and all the evidence were gathered in proof of their existence, this is an intrusion of knowing violating free will; because no doubt can be had, we would know it were true, therefore we would be robbed of free will in deciding for ourselves if they were real. It is not until there is a great consensus that a definitive truth may be revealed, because free will would have not been violated within acceptable parameters. The ascension of the human race as a whole in knowledge of what truly is, is reliant upon this great consensus, which at present is lacking.

The Veil 

Another mechanism that has been put into place is the veil or the forgetting. We reincarnate over and over again over thousands of years. Each incarnation we go through a review; a meeting of sorts with our Higher Self to establish what has been learned, what still needs to be learned, and how best to incarnate again in a way in which those lessons may be learned or best to facilitate our growth. When we reincarnate we are veiled, meaning we lose memory of our past incarnations. Free will and the veil have been put into place in order to achieve the most varied and creative expressions of experience. This was not always the case throughout time but various experiments have led to our current existence and laws which govern our development.

Past Lives

Our growth in our past lives affect how much we know in this new incarnation. If you are further along in your path the veil is more easily broken. The veil is intentionally made to be able to be pierced. These ‘holes’ in the veil can be experienced through dreams, or intuitive interests. What’s creative about this whole system is that these mechanisms are not so difficult to experience; however, because you can’t prove it, there is always the possibility of doubt. This creates the more varied experience by the choice to believe or not to believe. Brilliant.

“Gifts” – Piercing the Veil

You see, the “magic” in our world, including metaphysics, psi, and the inclusion of “unusual” spiritual phenomena are available to all of us. It is our birthright as extensions of the Creator. Those born already with the advantage of these gifts have earned it through past life development or gifted with a purpose; however, the veil prevents them from knowing what it is they had learned and what their lessons may be. Having these gifts then allow them to believe in their potential and pierce the veil much easier because they have gifts that prove to them that there is something ‘else’. Given they had pierced this knowing in past lives allow them to more easily pierce it again in this life, which is a demonstration of an acceleration in the evolution once it has begun. Those who are not already adept from past life development are still just as capable as the adept but it will take time to get the evolution wheels moving (so to speak). It is certainly difficult in the beginning but these gifts can be attained with the choice to believe. How each person arrives at this belief is up to the individual, but it is ONLY through doing the work and belief that you may pierce the veil.

If you have read my previous posts on “How It Began” you will find numerous times when I mention the importance of belief. It has been the single most important and reoccurring theme throughout this entire journey. If you have not read through this series, I would suggest doing so. It will raise awareness to how belief becomes so critical in exploring all avenues of spiritual development.

Making Progress

As you progress, you will also find that progress is sure, but very slow and very subtle – again allowing doubt to further creep in and prevent others (who attempt to measure or observe) from believing that it works; however, it does accelerate, so it requires spiritual persistence. For example, meditation and belief will allow you to have psychic abilities – this is a fact; however, someone will try it and then say it doesn’t work. Why then does it not work? Because if you are testing it, then you are doubting it. Let us say you didn’t doubt it, the results will be so slow, subtle, and so small that you might easily dismiss it, do this enough times and you don’t see enough progress then you doubt it again. You can see how easy it is to slip into doubt and lose your progress, and difficult to prove because progress is so slow and subtle, plus doubt fuels the need for proof; however, if you stick with it and reflect you will become aware of the subtle cumulative results. As time goes by with practice you will start to see these cumulative effects becoming more and more tangible and accelerating in their strength and frequency.

The “magic” of the universe is very subtle and cumulative in practice and requires the most important ingredient – belief; as a result, this makes it very difficult to measure and prove beyond a reasonable doubt. Some may say that this is just too convenient – would you then be saying that God is not that clever? haha. Similar results in illusive measurement and observation can be seen in physics in what is called the Observer Effect. Check out this video explaining this unusual phenomena.

It is a fact that in all things related to performance, it requires a belief in yourself to achieve your best and belief is required to access flow states to achieve what seems to be the impossible – as in extreme sports or extreme performance. If we can already see that as a working philosophy in reality in these instances, why would it not also be a fundamental ingredient in experiencing all things extraordinary? It is a truly journey to believe, as you can see in my own evolution into consciousness, it is not easy and requires many leaps of faith into a lot of strangeness – but it is only there that you will find the truth and I for one,  believe.

Law of One – The Nature of Evil

As always, I must speak with a disclaimer that the words here are of my own opinion and interpretation on my views in regards to the Law of One.  I would encourage everyone to read the books on their own, which you may find here, in an effort to receive the information free of any distortions that I may unintentionally add here.

I recently got into arguments regarding my interests. They have also have been met with concerns. This was bound to happen and difficult to articulate justification for my interests because it is no short narrative. On top of that, we have centuries of ignorance and bias compounded with misconceptions and social stigmas. So even if I am allotted the opportunity to provide a full narrative to explain myself I have to hope that the individual has the open-mindedness to actually hear and comprehend what it is I am saying.  This blog was intended, in part, to do just that and a reminder to myself on how I got here in my beliefs. It was for these reasons as well as helping others in finding their own path which I decided to write this blog. Unfortunately in conversation, I can’t just have someone sit and read the blog before we have a discussion – although it would save me a lot of headache haha.

So concerns for my interests range from metaphysics, PSI, to the occult. Concern was raised that I am playing with evil and dangerous things; however this is from media and a long history of negative social stigma on the subject but not at all reflective of their actual nature. Having always had an interest in such things I was always too ‘shy’ to pursue any of them because of this stigma. I could see those dark aspects to them, but by their nature, I did not feel this was so, but still I kept my distance.

One thing we must all understand is that no matter how positive anything may be, it can always be abused and used for evil and vice versa. The Bible is a great example of something positive, but used by some in very negative and even evil ways. By this simple and common sense philosophy, all things have the potential to be misused and must be approached with knowledge and care and always, always, always with good intention.

What Is Good And Evil?

Ra describes in the law of One that good and evil does not exist. There is only what is. Good, evil, and sin are all creations of our own social complex.

So let us look at this in regards to God. God means something different for everyone, but the general consensus is that God created all things and is all powerful and makes no mistakes. Would it then make sense then that God would create evil that would then engage God in a struggle where God would then seek to destroy that which he created? Does it make sense that God would create sin and ask us not to be that which he has created?

Ra describes that there are two paths possible to our ascension back to the consciousness of the Creator. Service to others, which is of a positive polarity, and service to self, which is of a negative polarity. Both are equally acceptable paths to the Creator. Now most religiously oriented people may find this concept unacceptable, but before you close this blog in disgust let us look into this.

The reality of our existence is that we all are one – this IS the Law of One. Every person, every plant, every animal, every planet, every spirit, every angel, every creation in existence in the past, present and future are all individualized extensions of one single consciousness, the consciousness of the Creator. In an effort to experience many-ness, we were created. One of the most fundamental laws of His creation is free will. Freedom of choice. It is by our free will and choice, that the Creator is able to experience all facets and colors of life. The beautiful, the good, the bad, the ugly. As we ascend to higher densities our consciousness is merged together with others to increase our knowledge and understanding of the universe, while maintaining our individualized self. As a result, the understanding that becomes a knowing, is that to be of service to others (positive polarity) also services yourself, and to be of service to yourself (negative polarity) in controlling and harming others, only serves to harm yourself. As we ascend higher and higher from one density to the next, whether in service to self or service to others, the knowledge is finally gained that we all are one, those in service to self immediately flip their polarity from service to self – to service of others, realizing that service to self only hurts themselves and counter productive to their own ascension.

How To Use This Information

So you see, in the end, positivity will always be the final result in reaching the density of the Creator. I find this process very elegant and very logical. Once you understand this, it will change how you view the universe in regards to good and evil. In understanding this you can more easily, with more accuracy and confidence, distinguish between the two. Here is a controversial example described by Ra in the law of One. Although the Bible is a resource for teaching the law of One, there are many negative influences as well, and like any other resource that is out there you must discern what is positive and what is negative. The ten commandments is an example of a negative influence. Why? Specifically these words, “Thou shalt not…”. These words violate free will, commanding that these be followed without question. As a result it prevented choice and created a division of us vs them. (Note: Laws of the state are allowed as they may be challenged and are in harmony with choice).

The rule is simple, if you do anything that infringes on the free will of another self is of negative polarity. Lies are negative because you are controlling the context of information that violates their free will to act on truth. Intention also has a lot to do with it, as in a lie is negative, but if it is with selflessness and the intention of compassion then this would not be seen as negative. You will find a lot of people challenging their notion of what they do is positive rather than negative, but you will know in your heart if you are trying to deceive yourself or others in this notion. Be honest with yourself and your intent and you will know if it is truly of a positive or negative polarity.

This knowledge is greatly liberating and allows us to pursue life with more confidence – regardless of social stigma for our choices.  As I have said, I have shy’d away from interests in the past because of history or social stigmas that make me question if something is positive or negative. Now that I have my own reliable gauge for what is right and wrong I can pursue my life with confidence in knowing that what I am doing is positive. It also allows me to learn and research more freely and with confidence in being able to discern whether the information is positive or negative. If the information divides people, creates fear, or suppresses people in any way, this is of a negative influence.

Although it can seem black and white to what is positive and negative the degree of positivity and the degree of negativity must be weighed in your discernment. For example, you may find that a person for the most part is very positive, but has done something or said something in the negative. You need not dismiss the person for the negative but rather accept the person as the positive person they are but reject the words or actions that were negative. Again, the Bible is another example, there is negative information there. It was written and edited by man. You must make your own distinction on what is positive and what is negative. You don’t need to accept it all as one way or the other, you choose what it is you take to heart and what not to. We all will falter, all we can do is strive to better ourselves and try to accept into our hearts only what is positive.

The Journey Continues

With this new found knowledge and understanding I have taken seriously my pursuits into metaphysics, PSI, and the occult. Particularly I do not like to use the word occult as it has so much history and stigma attached to the word in association to black magic. Defined as “supernatural, mystical, or magical beliefs, practices, or phenomena” – this is accurate to the point that it is free from bias of positive and negative polarity; however inaccurate in that it is not ‘super’ natural but natural, not mystical or magical but is the true reality of things. These pursuits are not an experiment to see what might work or hold truth, I have already done the leg work, through all my research the past few years, I have come to understand with certainty, through countless validations from mystics and philosophers, to scientists and physicists that these things are the true nature of the things and NOT the exception. These are things that continue to elude most of us as they require faith in hand with raising of our vibration to attain it. In doing so, we not only reach our true potential but are introduced to a vibrant and exciting universe as a reward. While all these arts are certainly capable of negative uses and influences, it is always important to continue to discern the positive and negative. I continue to do this, not only in my path, but in my thoughts and intentions. Understanding of the arts in the pursuit of light,  in love and compassion, to raise my vibration and awareness so that I may become a better person and perhaps inspire others – these are my interests…

… And its all good!