Past Life Regression

The Law of One and various other sources has made me become a deep believer in past lives. Our repeated incarnations here in the third density are meant to be an intensive growth period in this stage of spiritual schooling. One of the tools to enhance the experience, is the veil of forgetting. Forgetting who we were, who we are, and why we are here. It is a test in faith, and a test to see in our ignorance of all these things, what path do we continue to choose? What choice do we make to be of service to self or service to others? These choices we make in our incarnations resolve and create lessons and karma. These lessons and karma, if not resolved, carry over into the next life. The in-between life, or the life between incarnations is where after our passing we get to evaluate our life and past lives outside of the veil of forgetting. In collaboration with our Higher Selves and the assistance of our soul family and spirit guides, we create the blueprint for our next incarnation. Choices that we make and agreements we make with other souls to help us learn what we need to learn.

I was first introduced to Ann C. Barham through an interview on  She had the same beliefs as I have come to believe about life in general and this whole process of past lives and the involvement of our Higher Selves and our soul family in creating our present incarnation. Wanting to learn more, I bought her book “The Past Life Perspective“.

It was a very fascinating read and has become most certainly a valuable addition to my collection in the fundamental sources for awakening. It is broken down into cases. Going through a person’s regression from the past life (or multiple), into the death, and then engaging the Higher Self as a source for further lessons and advice.

After having read the book, I became fascinated with wanting to learn more about my own past lives. I wanted to do it correctly and through someone I trusted so I booked a session with Ann through her website.

Entry Point

Regressions begin with an entry point. For job interviews, in my industry, I have to go through what is called a technical interview. This interview challenges your knowledge and includes a live coding exercise. During these interviews I experience panic attacks where I will feel my throat closing up to where I feel like I am being strangled. I can’t breathe. My mind fogs up to where I can not think anymore to form a sentence. The experience is quite traumatic.

Ironically my awakening began with my attempts to resolve this issue. It led me to try self hypnosis and then into meditation. This was the pivoting moment that toppled me down this rabbit hole haha. However, despite my attempts to face this, I have experienced it with every technical interview (about 6 total). No amount of preparation, breathing and relaxing exercises, and meditation would resolve or even lessen the intensity of the panic attacks; nor could I think of anything in my past in my present incarnation that would explain it.

On a related note, I experience the same panic attacks when I get angry. When I am angry to the point of wanting to fight, my head fogs up, my throat closes up, and I am no longer able to speak. As a teenager, when this would happen I would resort to the physical because this was the only expression I had to release it. I would punch something, usually my bedroom door (I destroyed many-a-doors) and eventually my parents put me through psycho therapy and anger management. After an experience where a splinter went through my knuckle, I never did that again. Nowadays when this happens I have to just walk away.

The Process

After going through a relaxation session we began. She would ask me questions to help me focus on evolving what I was seeing and/or feeling. They were only leading in a way to understand what was occurring but not leading in a way to coax a response one way or another. The questions or her statements would lead me to the next scene or perspective. For specific information she would say for example, “What year is this? On the count of 3 what is the first thing that comes to you?”.  This would help in trying not to overthink anything.

Experience Of Hypnosis

I am pretty adept in meditation, able to achieve various levels of trance states. When I relaxed into the session I put myself into a meditative trance state where the mind is clear, centered, but aware. I don’t know of others’ experiences in hypnosis but I was never ‘unconscious’, except for a brief moment between the relaxation and the start of the first past life visions. Throughout the entire session I was fully aware. In the beginning I would have to say that I didn’t know if I was just making it up. What changed that perspective during the regression is when something would come up that would tie other things together, like this was a developing story that I was not consciously intending to do at all. When these moments would occur, I would actually be chuckling because of this realization. I was amazed and humored by how it was working. I was never thinking about the story beyond what was being asked of me, for example – what are you doing, what are you seeing,  how do you feel. I was always just in that moment. So to see those moments connect was quite fascinating.

The other part of this I found interesting is that what I was seeing and feeling toward the past life experience was not anything outside of my normal thoughts and feelings. Meaning, I never felt that what I was seeing or feeling was anything out of the ordinary. My daughter has experienced multiple spontaneous past life visions. She describes them as being more vivid than a dream, very real, very intense. She is able to feel their feelings and recall their memories. My experience was far less dramatic in that they blended seamlessly into my own imagination. This is why, until connections were discovered, I was questioning if I was just making it up.

Lastly, I realized that I never felt that connected to this person in the past life. I did feel some sort of connection but in a very subtle way, like a friend. I never felt emotionally connected to this person or the events that were taken place. This was a little off-putting and also made me question the validity; however, when I look into my current self, I have little, if any emotional connection to things in my past that were deeply emotional to me at the time. So in this context, it makes sense that in a life so far removed from my current how I may feel such a detachment.

The Regression

Looking down at my feet, I see I am wearing black boots. Some sort of work boots. The visions are nothing more than looking at your reflection in turbulent water, the vagueness of something there accompanied by a feeling of what you are seeing. Moving up, I see black pants, light weight. I have short brown curly hair. My head is shaped oval. I am wearing a black  brimmed hat, like a

baseball hat but its shorter. It feels like a uniform. I’m consciously a bit confused about what I am perceiving, not knowing what to make of it. I’m asked to see my surroundings. I see a railroad track. I am on a train. I am a conductor! I chuckled at myself in the revelation and it explained the hat and why I looked the way I looked. She asked how I felt. I said I enjoyed my job driving a passenger train, I enjoyed seeing the country side, I enjoyed the passengers.  The time period was around 1870’s (1874, 1875). The location I stated was Baltimore but this never felt right perhaps there was something similar in the name but the location felt to be European or the New England states. I have never been to either but it was this feeling. It felt European.

She asked me to go back to a previous significant event. I was maybe in my 20’s. I lived in a town that was near the docks. I get the feeling of cobblestone. Cold and rainy type of weather here typically. I was in the water. There was an incident at the docks. I can’t tell what happened, something about a ship I was on. People are concerned for what happened, although I am not. I was calm despite the event. I did not act in helping others because I was in the water but I realized that I could, that I could handle situations. I was a very confident individual.

At some point there was woman in my life. I could recognize little about her other than her presence. Her hair was long and up in a bun and wearing an apron. I cared for her and she was supportive of me.

We move to the next significant event. I am back on the train. There was an accident. I large accident. It was not my fault. Something occurred in around the midpoint of all the towing carriages. Maybe an impact of some sort but I can’t tell, but a natural accident. Multiple cars derailed from the train. I take protocols in trying to establish communication about the incident. I am anxious but able to keep my cool. There are bodies everywhere, some dead, some injured. I sense snow. It’s cold out. I am helping to coordinate and get people off and away from the train. When asked at how many died I saw the number 36 and 12. Although it was not my fault I feel guilty for what happened under my watch and helpless to those that need my help but I can’t do anything about it.

I am back at my town at the docks. The train incident was famous and was in all the papers. I was confronted by a man who had lost someone (maybe a wife or daughter) in the accident. He accused me of being responsible for their death. It was an accident and tried to assure him that nothing could have been done but had become annoyed that he was not listening and just choosing to be accusatory. As I seem to dismiss him in my frustration of the situation, he attacks me and begins to strangle me.  At this point, even before revealing this information I was chuckling again to myself at how this was coming together. He did not kill me but rather let go of his grip around my neck. I then apologized for what had happened and for not taking his grief seriously enough.

I later find that I had changed my position from driving passenger trains to more industrial trains. I no longer wanted the responsibility of the passengers. After retiring I find myself living in the countryside away from people. The woman who was with me seems to be a ghost at this point, as if maybe she was there for a while but not there anymore. I don’t know if she left or has passed. I have a dog. Something similar to a golden retriever but a bit smaller. I am a bit lonely, sad about my past, but content at where I live. I left to be away from the judgments and scrutiny of the people. I just wanted to be left in peace.

My death was in the cabin on the countryside. I was alone.  I had a heart attack, I collapsed onto the floor. The dog licking my face. As I pass I feel happy that the loneliness of that life was over. I sense light beings approaching me. I can’t tell who they are but I know them very well and I’m very happy to see them.


I felt I was person that enjoyed helping people. I felt I was a good man; although I feel my confidence fed my arrogance. When that confidence was challenged in the train accident I felt it also challenged my pride. There was a loss in confidence in not being able to control the situation. People died and were injured and there was nothing I could do to control that. This led to my withdraw from society and from life. My lesson from that is that things will happen outside of my control and I must not let them keep me from moving forward. Don’t let the judgments of others deter you or diminish your confidence from what it is you feel confident you can do. I must also be understanding of others and their situations and not avoid confrontation. This may have something to do with me being an empath in this lifetime.

She asked if this had resolved or felt it was the source issue with my panic attacks. I said no. I felt this was not the only incident.

Messages From My Higher Self

She had asked me what I wanted to learn from my Higher Self. At the time of this regression, it was a few days before my move from living in my aunt’s garage in Florida to Phoenix, Arizona. It was going to be a lonely move where I knew no one there, and to a place I had never been. I asked what is it that I need to know? I was actually laughing and distracted at this point by a most unusual sensation. I felt as if I was HUGE! hahaha… Like the Earth to me was the size of a lady bug, and I am so big a bloated like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. I was trying to hold the Earth but it was like holding a marble between two balloons. It was all quite amusing but felt very real, I was just in awe of how big I was. I repeated this to Ann but I didn’t want to because it was so out of context. I redirected my thoughts from this unusual sensation and focused on again quieting the mind. Then I received the message – you are loved, they are watching you, you are not alone, someone will be there, there is more coming, its just the beginning. Continue to be open, continue to let go, continue to love. Be brave and bold. Take your time and enjoy it. It’ll be okay, just give it time.


Of course after the session I began to research anything that may stand out to me, both from an intuitive perspective as well as intellectual. There are certainly no shortage of railway accidents around 1974 and 1975. One stood out from the others called the Shipton-on-Cherwell train crash.

“It involved the derailment of a long passenger train at Shipton-on-Cherwell near Kidlington, Oxfordshire, England, on Christmas Eve, 24 December 1874, and was one of the worst ever disasters on the Great Western Railway… The accident happened a few hundred yards from the village of Hampton Gay and close to Shipton-on-Cherwell. The train with 13 carriages and two engines had left Oxford station for Birmingham at 11:40. The train was about half an hour late and going about 40 miles an hour when after six miles the tyre of the wheel on a third-class carriage broke. The carriage left the track for about 300 yards including the bridge of the River Cherwell. After the bridge and before a similar bridge across the Oxford and Birmingham canal the carriage went down an embankment taking other carriages with it, breaking up as they crossed the field. Three carriages…fell into the water. The front section of the train carried on for some distance. The owner and men from the Hampton Gay paper mill close to the accident site tried to assist the injured in the snow. Telegrams were sent to local stations to summon medical help but it took an hour and a half before a doctor appeared. A special train was used to move the injured back to hospitals in Oxford. At least 26 died at the scene while four others were dead by the time the special train had arrived at Oxford station. At least one other died in hospital. The canal was dragged but no bodies were found.”

– From Wikipedia.

36 people died in all. There of course is no way to determine if this was actually the incident but the cause, time, location, and the intuitive feelings surrounding the incident and what I felt during the incident in the regression felt very similar.  There was no mention of the conductor only the company Great Western Railway of which he would have worked for. In judging by the company, would seem be be a distinguished position.


Although I did not learn the source of my panic attacks, what was shown to me was shown to me for reasons of what was more relevant to my current life and situation. To embrace my move, not as a running away, but as a new beginning. To embrace failures as challenges to improve, regroup, and return to this world with a new sense of perspective, humor, and purpose.

I imagine we all dream that our past lives would be something fantastic. Had I simply led the regression with my imagination I would have certainly have thought up something more conclusive to my personality. A Native America chief or an explorer – a train conductor is certainly is not what comes to mind (although I do have a fondness for old timey trains), but this story developed naturally and purely in describing what was in the moment, the story evolved and took on a life of its own.

I found the process very enlightening, not only to explore my past, but to understand the blur in the mind between the imagination and what actually has substance.  This is important because we like to think that our intuition, the voice or our Higher Self or other entities, visions of past lives are somehow distinct. Like there is a clear definition between our own imagination and these other sources of input when they all use the same voice, our own. Which again reinforces why these sort of things are not accepted by the masses and relies greatly on faith alone. Its like flipping through the TV and every station, all the channels and shows whether fictional or non-fictional are all you. How do you distinguish between reality and fabrication when they both dress and talk alike?

The best way that I can answer that is in quieting the mind in meditation, those voices that exist outside of the ego in the centered mind are the ones that are sincere, these are the ones to put your faith into. This was important for me to learn. I learned that if I can train myself to quiet the mind and gently guide my thoughts while in this state, this opens up a world of possibilities into the subconscious. To ask questions and have them answered from a higher source. This is exciting.

I would encourage others to read Ann’s book, “The Past Life Perspective“. It will certainly open your mind to what is possible, and just maybe you too will want to explore your own hidden past.




Law of One – The Co-Creator

The feature image is a composite I put together based on the work of Erica Wexler. I encourage you so support her incredible talent.

As always, I must speak with a disclaimer that the words here are of my own opinion and interpretation on my views in regards to the Law of One.  I would encourage everyone to read the books on their own, which you may find here, in an effort to receive the information free of any distortions that I may unintentionally add here.

We always hear the statement that we are all co-creators because we come from the consciousness of the Creator. This is unmistakably demonstrated in our physical world in the creative arts of humanity, not only through the traditional arts as we know them, but creative ingenuity,  creative thinking in new ideas and technologies. Create is what we do. All forms of life create as well but maybe to lesser degree than ourselves because of our evolution of consciousness.

It is described in the Law of One that God/the Creator created the expanding universe while emerging from its consciousness an individualized consciousness called the Logos. The Logos would be blessed with free will as a co-creator to create our galaxy as they saw fit. Other galaxies, with their own Logos are offered the same opportunity. These Logos may be considered gods (with a lowercase ‘g’). These universes consisting of star clusters, planets, and other sub-Logos. We fall into a category of sub-sub-Logos. Infant creators you might say. It is important to understand that the laws of our galaxy are not the laws of all galaxies. There are some universal rules, such as the law of free will, and the levels of ascension; however the natural laws and the designed path to ascension may be very different from one galaxy to the next. For example, the veil that has been placed on us to forget our past lives and to hide our metaphysical selves, is something that was designed for us after many experiments in our galaxy and may be unique to our galaxy. It was designed  by our Logos to enrich our experiences and create a more effective tool of learning for our Higher Selves.

Creators Of Our Lives

Nearly all religions affirm that what we believe, how we think, and our perspective creates the life we live. In this illusion of the senses and dense matter it is hard for us to fathom that thought can manipulate and mold the shape of our existence. I don’t mean this in simply think happy thoughts, see the world through happy eyes and your world will be happy, although this is true. I am actually referring to a universe that will bend to you if you will it to do so in a very real way.

I am not really going to get too deep into how and why this works, I have discussed all this in great detail in my previous post

Law of One – Doubt


What I do want to get into, and the point of this post, is to explain in what I have found to be a profound revelation into how deep this might go.

Out Of Body Experiences

I have recently become very interested in the practice of Out of Body Experiences (OBE). Also known as astral projection and related to remote viewing. These are also experienced in near death experiences. My interest in this subject came about because I was experiencing extremely strong full body vibrations. I heard it once described as like holding on to a chainsaw, but its actually even more full and intense than that. To the point I can feel the vibrations on my eyeballs. There is also accompanied with that, full body tingling, numbness, and paralysis. Now I can certainly shake my self out of this anytime I want, so it’s not something I ever feared was something dangerous, but for sure, this was something every powerful and I wanted to learn more about it and what I can do with it. This was not at all a rare experience. I get this experience with varying degrees of strength 95% of the time. Of that 95% I would say 70% are to the extreme experience which I described.

After some research I realized that these sensations are what occurs seconds before an out of body experience. I’ve been experiencing this for almost a year now so I was shocked that I have been so close and had not quite experienced that. I have had many strange and amazing experiences but not to the degree of detail described in others’ OBEs. Learning more about what it is and what you can do, I’ve become absolutely fascinated. With such experiences as being able to fly, explore other worlds and dimensions, meet and converse with multi-dimensional beings including loved ones who have passed and your Higher Self, explore past lives, experience life after death – not only that, but become adept at operating in this world where we are destined to one day be part of when when we move on. This is remarkable. To be able to learn more about myself, my spirit, and the journey I’ve been on – learn more truths about the universe and how it operates and my place in that universe. In my opinion, this is a resource that I simply cannot ignore. I have to explore this.

I began my research through the internet discovering resources, here are a few notable resources including Ryan Cropper, The Path: Beyond the Physical, Paul H. Smith. I bought 2 books. Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce, which I would describe as a textbook for OBE, then the book which is the main subject for the this post, Adventures Beyond the Body by William Buhlman. This book was a very personal account spanning 24 years including journal entries of experiences, a detailed guidebook, and a scientific and metaphysical analysis what these experiences mean to us as individuals and the universe.

I will not attempt here to convince to the reader that this phenomena is real, this is something you must discover for yourself. I firmly believe this is real beyond conscious artifacts of the mind to a very real experience of existence. Although this has been proven, it still requires the presence of an open mind to accept. Once you are able to believe in this, the impact these experiences may have on you are, i think, beyond mystical. For the word may not be enough to properly articulate the breadth of it’s significance.

I apologize for the extended quotes from the book, Adventures Beyond the Body, but William Buhlman exquisitely describes these environments within the out of body experience and it is necessary to understand the impact of what is being described here  …

The vast majority of non-physical environments encountered are extremely thought-responsive. In other words, when we separate from our bodies and enter a non-physical dimension, our thoughts, both conscious and subconscious, will immediately begin to interact with and restructure the subtle energy around us. The thought-responsiveness of the inner dimensions explains why out-of-body explorers often describe the environments they witness with such diversity. Complicating this situation is the fact that countless environments and realities exist within each individual dimension of
the universe….

… Information concerning the non-physical dimensions is more valuable than most of us recognize. Not only can it help us to adapt and adjust within non-physical environments, but it can also dramatically affect our current physical existence…

A single non-physical dimension can (and often does) contain three primary types of energy environments: consensus, non-consensus, and natural.

A consensus environment is any environment or reality that is created and maintained by the thoughts of a group of individuals. For example, the heavens of each religious group are created by the thoughts and beliefs of their respective inhabitants. Like all realities, the consensus environments are molded by the group consciousness. Many of the consensus environments are extremely old and resistant to change. As unusual as it may sound, physical cities and communities are examples of consensus energy environments. Every city and town is created and developed according to the thoughts of its inhabitants.

Essentially, human thought-energy uses biological vehicles to manipulate and mold the physical molecules around us. The end result is the temporary physical structures we see. During an out-of-body or near-death experience, we transfer our conscious awareness from our physical body to our higher-frequency non-physical body…

As we explore inward away from matter, we discover that the first non-physical dimension parallels the physical universe and is also a consensus reality. This energy environment is so physical in appearance that most people believe they are observing the physical world. In reality, they are observing the first inner energy dimension of the universe. Since this dimension is closest in frequency to matter, it is often seen and experienced during out-of-body explorations. This dimension is a classic example of a consensus reality: its structure is solid and stable within its own vibratory frequency. Our thoughts, no matter how focused, have little effect on the energy structures within this environment. However, our thoughts will exert a tremendous impact upon our personal energy-body. Thoughts of flying will enable us to fly. Thoughts of walking will enable us to walk. The distinction between external and internal (personal) energy changes is critical to understanding the inherent structure of a non-physical dimension or environment. In a consensus environment, our thoughts influence our personal energy but not the energy surrounding us. The various heavens referred to by Saint John in Revelation and Mohammed in the Koran are classic examples of consensus environments. These non-physical cities and structures exist within the second and third energy dimensions and continue to be molded and maintained by the group consciousness of millions of non-physical inhabitants. When we enter these environments, our thoughts will not change the structures encountered.

A non-consensus environment is any non-physical environment or reality that is not firmly molded by a group. I have found that this type of environment is the most prevalent. The appearance can be anything we imagine: a forest, a park, a city, an ocean, even an entire planet. Non-consensus environments are easily detected because, while often physical-like in appearance, they are extremely sensitive to focused thoughts and will rapidly change and restructure according to the prevailing conscious and subconscious thoughts present in the immediate area….

This following paragraph is what blew my mind to the reality of our thoughts through the understanding that we are co-creators….

… More often, the non-consensus environments will appear much like our normal or even idyllic physical surroundings; parks, landscaped country gardens, and peaceful green meadows are commonly reported. I believe it’s probable that many of these areas were created by the thoughts of other non-physical life-forms who have inhabited or explored the areas in the past. Unlike in the physical world, once an energy environment is formed, it can last for centuries. Cellular and molecular decay are not an issue; it’s simply a matter of thought-energy formation and stability. A single, firmly held, creative
thought can mold an energy environment capable of lasting almost indefinitely; however, a stronger (more focused) thought could alter the entire environment within seconds. Remember that all environments are a form of energy, and all energy is thought-responsive to some degree…

Natural (raw) energy environments are completely unformed areas of the universe that appear without a specific shape or form of any kind. These areas are often observed as misty voids, empty space, or featureless, open areas consisting of white, silver, or golden clouds of energy. Natural energy environments are extremely sensitive to thought. Any focused thought will instantly mold the immediate energy environment. This is why it is so important to gain some degree of control over our thoughts. Our personal evolution largely depends on the way we focus, control, and direct our thought energy.

No matter what dimension we inhabit, our personal responsibility for our thoughts and actions is absolute. All thoughts are creative; both positive and negative thoughts and action will create a corresponding restructuring of the immediate non-physical environment. This is why spiritual leaders have always stressed themes of “do unto others” and “love for all.” Once you fully recognize the power of your thoughts, you will never again create or hold a negative or destructive image in your mind. Negative and self-limiting thoughts are the real enemy we must face. Within the inner dimensions of the universe, our thoughts, both good and bad, exert a powerful creative influence upon our immediate environment. This is readily observed and experienced during an out-of-body experience. In addition to the three most prevalent types of environments encountered when out-of-body, there are two others. The first, though rarely observed and reported, seems to consist of dimensions and environments that exist beyond thought energy.

Currently, few explorers have consciously ventured far enough within the universe to provide an accurate description or model of these dimensions. Possessing no perceivable shape or structure, these areas of the universe are postulated to exist beyond space, time, and energy as we conceive of them. It is possible that these dimensions and their inhabitants are indescribable by our linear concepts. Even so, I’m certain that non-thought and non-form energy environments exist deep within the interior of the universe…

… One thing is certain. Decades of non-physical explorations and millions of near-death experiences consistently point to a single conclusion: the direct substructure of the physical universe is a subtle form of energy undetectable by our current physical technology. This unseen energy is highly organized, structured, and supportive of the outer physical universe. The incredible amount of interdependence existing between the unseen, non-physical dimensions and the outer physical crust of the universe points to a much more complex system of energy than modern technology and science are currently able to observe…

Now if you are anything like me at this point, you may be picking your jaw up off the floor.

Law of One Validation

In the Law of One, Ra describes the creation of the universe which validates what Buhlman describes…

The energies moved in increasingly intelligent patterns until the individualization of various energies emanating from the creative principle of intelligent infinity became such as to be co-Creators. Thus the so-called physical matter began.

Other related statements (sorry if these seem fragmented, but these brief snippets are to show connections drawing to a conclusion) …

Questioner: Then could you say that sixth-density entities are using that mechanism (creating the manifestation of the sun in their density)  to be more closely co-Creators with the Infinite Creator?

Ra: I am Ra. This is precisely correct as seen in the latter portions of sixth density seeking the experiences of the gateway density….

Questioner: What was the ultimate objective of this Logos in designing the archetypical mind as It did?

Ra: I am Ra. Each Logos desires to create a more eloquent expression of experience of the Creator by the Creator. The archetypical mind is intended to heighten this ability to express the Creator in patterns more like the fanned peacock’s tail, each facet of the Creator vivid, upright, and shining with articulated beauty….

… It is well for each to realize its self as the Creator. Thusly each may support each including the support of self by humble love of self as Creator.

Drawing Conclusions

God created the universe to experience.  It is clear that our current existence is a sort of schooling. There are lessons to be learned in each density, or grade in our schooling. These lessons include, experiencing creation from the ground up through our own personal evolution of the spirit. Each grade or density requires a particular lesson to be learned in order to ascend.  Some of these lessons include, understanding we are all are one,  the ways of love, and the ways of wisdom. While along the way we continue to create our path and learn how to manifest creations more efficiently and effectively for ourselves. All the while, these experiences expand upon the experiences experienced by the Creator. So what then?

Doesn’t it seem that all this comes to the conclusion that we are learning to become Logos or creators of other galaxies just as those that have created the ones before us? – and that our education as creators also serve as new and ever expanding experiences for the Creator? Then the system feeds back into itself where then we are to become creators ourselves?  The universe is expanding at an exponential rate. This is a scientific fact. Could this be as new Logos are appointed and new galaxies are created?

Law of One, Q’uo states, “Certainly creatorship is young. You are a very young god or goddess. You are a toddler…”.

Doesn’t it seem as though these explorations through OBEs are sort of a sandbox, or playground for us as toddler creators? Whereby creating these persistent, yet delicate, non-physical worlds with our thoughts are ways to help us to learn important and fundamental lessons in controlling our thoughts, understanding the impacts of those thoughts, and essentially teaching us how to walk before we can run?

There is no way for us to know if any of this I am describing is true. I am just trying to connect the dots, but these connections make sense (to me) and point to a brilliant and self sustaining design of growth, experience, and creation. It shows me what an artist God really is, but more importantly, it shows how important we really are and that we are all destined to become co-creators alongside God himself. The awe and the grandeur that is our journey is nothing short of spectacular and vastly underestimated by us all.

Go forth and focus on the art that is your life. Manifest beauty to be inspired by all, for tomorrow, we become painters of galaxies and worlds… How wonderful is that!


The ‘Knowing’

I wanted to write about the pros and cons of the ‘knowing’, in what derives from the awakening.

First let me define ‘knowing’ as my own truth that I have discovered in this process of awakening. It is the grand awakening to the nature of the universe, that is unique to me. There are many others who have awakened that may not share the same truth. This does not lessen any one person’s truth or experience of awakening. Someone’s awakening through the Bible might hold a very different truth from my own. Who is to say what is the actual truth? There is no way for us to know without actually knowing, and the veil on our third density existence reinforces this unknowing. It’s quite the paradox.

I figured I should first discuss the burden of ‘knowing’.

The Burden of ‘Knowing’


My ‘knowing’ of the truth comes from what I feel in my core, what is reinforced through personal validations both internally and externally. It’s knowing that I can’t prove, but I know it with every fiber of my being that this is real, and is my truth. Hence the first burden of knowing; because it is not provable – how can I share this wonderful and blissful knowing in a way that is convincing? You really can’t. You may only plant a seed of intrigue that may spark their own journey to seek the truth. Each person must find this realization on their own. It cannot be impressed upon them in a monologue. For most, it will be too much information, and may in fact, cause them to push back from it as a result.

I have been guilty of doing this myself out of my own excitement to share this information. It has been met with mixed results. I think only those who are in the midst of their own awakening may accept the information with an open mind. Those who have not yet reached this stage will more likely be repelled by it. It may also diverge greatly from their own truth or what they feel they can relate to. In my experience, I have found that the general end message or ideas regardless of the belief or ideology are always the same but how that information is presented to relate to you individually is what will draw others  in to your particular understanding. All that matters is the spark of curiosity to want to learn more, regardless of the path it takes them on. It is important not to let the ego discourage you because they cannot relate to your particular understanding of the truth, just be thankful they too are on their own path and relate in that way.

It’s taken a long time to reach my current understanding of things and I know I still have a long way to go. It takes a lot of research and in that research, discerning, contemplating, and searching for validation – it’s exhausting. It most certainly does not happen overnight and in reading one book. Just because I have my truth does not mean you could just read it and adopt it, you have to discover it for yourself and seek your own validation otherwise it’s just information – but not a personal creed. Even the Law of One may require people to ease into it with in-depth exploration into ET, psychic phenomena, channeling, occult, and metaphysics if you are not already exposed to such things. Then after ALL that you still have to be open-minded enough to throw it all out for new ideas, because if we get locked into our ego and become stubborn and lazy we may miss out on another leap of faith that could once again change our universe to something even more spectacular.


The next burden of ‘knowing’ in the awakening is loneliness. I have read many spiritual memes stating that awakening and enlightenment is a very lonely road. I find this from my own experience to be very much so. In shedding old beliefs, ways of thinking, living, and being – you shed people, places, things, interests, activities, thoughts, foods, and behaviors. Although these things have been shed, not in sacrifice, but in that they no longer serve you in who you are becoming – it is difficult in becoming something new in which there is no one to greet you into this graduation or initiation of life. It is literally starting new again, to be born again (if I may borrow a Christian term). It can be quite overwhelming – and it is a one way road because there is no going back. You can not un-know it.

It will certainly not always be this way. As time passes you will meet people of like minds based on your new frequency and vibration, brought on by your new activities, interests, state of mind, and behaviors. I look forward to that time. In the meantime it is the lesson, the journey, to love and forgive yourself. Using this precious and valuable time for soul searching to discover who you are, why you are here, what your purpose is, and how to see that through.

I would like nothing more than to sit and discuss with a group of friends all these wonderful and fascinating things in our universe, consciousness, other worlds, other beings, spirituality, and the evolution of the spirit and our world. To discuss these things in a deep and intellectual dialog of discovery reminiscent of Plato’s, The Republic. I am such a spiritual nerd haha.

Having said all that, the benefits greatly outweigh the burdens.

The Benefits of ‘Knowing’


Understanding reincarnation, that we incarnate 1000’s of times over tens of thousands of years is quite liberating. Why? Because we don’t have to feel like we have to pack every moment and feel such regret for missed opportunities. Now that doesn’t mean we don’t try, we most certainly want to get the most out of this incarnation and make the most out of every opportunity possible, but doesn’t the understanding of reincarnation allow yourself to forgive yourself much easier and put less pressure on yourself if things don’t work out as planned?

What does this knowledge of reincarnation do for your fear of death, or the death of a loved one? When we pass, this is only half of that incarnate cycle. We then meet with our Higher Self in a review of our lives in time/space. Where we can see all time at once, where we see and identify missed opportunities. We then plan our next incarnation, creating an environment for the lessons we still need to learn for our eventual ascension into the fourth density. Pick your parents, make deals with other entities for missions to be carried out in our next incarnation here on Earth.

Which is a good time to take a moment and reflect on such things in your life. You chose your parents – this may have been a positive or negative experience – but what did you learn from them? What should you learn from them? Why did you pick them? What about maybe some limitations you have, even a disease or something as simple as an allergy – what lesson is there to learn? Maybe soul mates, friends, enemies – what did you learn or should learn from those people in your life?

This understanding about the incarnate cycle can liberate you from your fear of disease and death. When you can find the lesson and know that this is simply another cycle but not the end of you at all, just the end of your current broke ass physical body haha. This is liberating. The key players or cast in our lives are very often reoccurring casts in our incarnations. Where once your teacher in the next lifetime will be your mother. Your mother in this lifetime may be your older sister in the next. Even bullies that you had, may show up in another antagonistic way in the next lifetime, until you learn your karmic lesson.  So in losing a loved one – they also are not gone, they are continuing their own lessons and you will find each other again. Isn’t that beautiful. How freeing is that to know. Think of how exciting this all is in the grand scheme of things!

Sense of Purpose

Another great benefit is a sense of purpose. When you know what you are ultimately here to do. Ra has stated that we are here to experience for the Creator. In a mission to experience many-ness, this universe, in all its cosmic laws, were created so that we could maximize the greatest and most varied opportunities of experiences. These experiences make their way back to the Creator. Remember that day you bungy jumped? So does he – he gets butterflies every time he thinks of the first time we did it haha.

Now beyond experiencing life, we may seek to ascend to higher dimensions to experience even more opportunities at life. How do we do this? With a choice. There are simply two choices, service to others (positive polarity) or service to self (negative polarity).

If you wish to pursue a life that is positive, then you pursue the service to others. In every opportunity and situation, no matter how big or small you always search for the option that offers the most opportunities for service to others. So does that mean you give every penny you have to a homeless person? – no because that is temporary, your money will run out. Find a way to be of the most service. Whenever there is a choice to be made, let this simple rule be what guides you.

It also goes with negative, if you wish to be an asshole or service to self (as I am in service to others we do not say asshole, for we all are one, so that asshole is also me. haha) Service to self is about control. Controlling others, but also controlling yourself. The Creator does not favor or discriminate, we are all perfect in His creation, we all are one.

Commitment of  service either to others or self is the most important thing we must do. If you are already doing that then you are good to go. Ascension may take longer, but this much will get you there.

If you choose to enable the earliest possibility for ascension you must balance the chakras. This will ultimately raise your vibration to be in harmony with the fourth density. It will take a lot of time and reflection. The chakras must be balanced from the bottom up. The energy flows upward and any blockage is like a knot in a hose where the flowing energy will be hindered in the chakras that follow. You will have to research which chakras influence which centers – unfortunately, to describe this would be beyond the scope of this post. Blockages can be identified in emotions, egos, behaviors, habits, injuries, diseases and karma. Just research which chakras identify with what you are dealing with.

You should also resolve your karmic lessons or close karmic circles. Resolving this can help resolve chakra blockages. These can be elusive and can even extend to karma of a tribe. Maybe your family has a history of owning slaves. The key to resolving all karma is honest forgiveness. Forgiveness of those involved and forgiveness in yourself. If either are not sincere the karma will remain.

The great thing about all this is that not all is lost when we pass. If you resolve karmic cycles you will not have them in the next incarnation. If you have awakened and pierced the veil in this lifetime, you will still be veiled, but you will be able to pierce it more easily. If you developed metaphysical skills like psychic abilities, those will also return in the next incarnation. In other words, once the path to ascension has been accepted, the system is designed to accelerate that growth.

Ultimately, as each of us awaken, we raise the collective consciousness of us all here on Earth, enabling a global ascension.

This ‘knowing’, to me, makes life more precious, exciting, and purposeful. It allows me to proceed in life with deliberate purpose with confidence in the choices I make and how to live my life.

Knowing Right and Wrong

I won’t go into too much detail here because I discussed this at length in my post ‘Law of One – The Nature of Evil‘. It seems like a common sense thing, to know right from wrong – but it really isn’t because there are historical, cultural and social stigmas that have solidified judgments on behaviors that make us question ourselves if we are doing what is ‘right’ or make us feel bad because this might be ‘wrong’. There seems to be a lot of grey area where we aren’t sure which is the right decision.

In the eyes of the Creator, there is no right or wrong. It is all perfection. To say there is ‘wrong’ would suggest that God made a mistake. As you recall, there are only two paths, the service to others and the service to self. God does not discriminate or favor any choice, that is the perfection in free will. Consider the path you have chosen, if you truly wish to do the ‘right’ thing, whether you are a positive polarity or a negative polarity, to make the choice to do what best supports that polarity is the right decision, regardless of the historical, cultural, or social stigmas that may be attached to that decision.

So how is this so beneficial? Here is a quote from my earlier post on this…

This knowledge is greatly liberating and allows us to pursue life with more confidence – regardless of social stigma for our choices.  As I have said, I have shy’d away from interests in the past because of history or social stigmas that make me question if something is positive or negative. Now that I have my own reliable gauge for what is right and wrong I can pursue my life with confidence in knowing that what I am doing is positive. It also allows me to learn and research more freely and with confidence in being able to discern whether the information is positive or negative. If the information divides people, creates fear, or suppresses people in any way, this is of a negative influence.

Goodbye Negativity

Before all this began, I paid close attention to the news with disgust in the behavior of our government and the treatment of our planet and its people. Paying close attention to conspiracies in the countless and unscrupulous means to control information and the public – especially when it comes to the universe, consciousness, alien life, and technologies. I would get so angry and want to beg people to wake up to what is going on. In the Law of One, whenever questions would arise about these types of subjects he would always reply with – this information in unimportant and of a transient nature. This information is of such a low vibration that Ra stated that they would lose connection to the channeler and may then be replaced with a negative entity. Think about that, this information carries with it a low vibration. So taking these things to heart will only hold you back. They are unimportant because this is not about our purpose here at all – they are simply distractions.

Now I will be the first to admit that I am fascinated regarding our true reality in what is truly being withheld from us. Its quite stunning – but at the same time beautiful in how truly vast and interesting this world really is if some people were to get out of the way of it. So in the beauty of what truly is I continue to enjoy learning what I can, but I am unaffected by the negative aspect of it all because, as Ra stated, it is unimportant and is not within my purpose – unless it is haha. Who knows, perhaps this blog, in its own small way of disclosure, may help awaken another – then the disclosure of these secrets may be part of my mission or purpose.


I never made a plan for what I want to try to understand or reveal to myself. It was a blind search for something else that was leading me. So here I am. I have learned things I never could have imagined. Things so fantastic it goes beyond the imagination of any sci-fi movie and deeper than any science or psychology book. Its caused me to face and challenge things in myself and my beliefs. There is just no way to describe it. I will never be Enlightened, for Enlightenment is to know, but I will forever be a seeker, and in my ‘knowing’ this is my enlightenment.


Law of One – Doubt

As always, I must speak with a disclaimer that the words here are of my own opinion and interpretation on my views in regards to the Law of One.  I would encourage everyone to read the books on their own, which you may find here, in an effort to receive the information free of any distortions that I may unintentionally add here.

Ra has often states that definitive proof to such things in the cosmos like the Creator, alien life, power of the mind, metaphysics, nature of consciousness, etc – is generally forbidden. The first thought that comes to most people’s minds (including my own) is  – “Well that’s quite convenient.” It wasn’t till now that I can respond to that with… “EXACTLY!”. I don’t know about your definition of God or the Creator, but MY definition is that he is smart as hell. The master artist, the master scientist, and the master magician. You have to admit, there’s a lot of weird things going on in our reality. There seems to be this hidden puzzle or some game to life that we don’t even realize that we are playing and don’t even know what the rules are.

After a lifetime of soul searching I would stumble on the Ra Material which stated that the Creator wished to experience many-ness. As the universe expanded the Creator’s consciousness split into individualized (although still connected) forms of consciousness called the Logos (yes, more than one).  We in turn are also individualized consciousness of the Creator. The Logos is free to make its own decisions (as we are) in creating a galaxy with its own laws in an experiment to best create experiences that would ultimately be experienced by the Creator. Billions of years later and countless experiments by our Logos, and we have, our current reality and the laws that govern it.

Now I don’t know about you, but this is very cool and very creative. I would think if the infinite Creator had infinite time he wouldn’t just make us and then surround us with empty space so we couldn’t get out and call it a day.

Free Will

So if you were to create this galaxy and were tasked with trying to create the greatest variance of experience doesn’t it make sense that doubt or the unknowing would be the ultimate tool of experience? The key to this experience is free will. The ability to choose to believe or not to believe. Intrusion of knowing violates free will. As in, if angels were to appear before us and all the evidence were gathered in proof of their existence, this is an intrusion of knowing violating free will; because no doubt can be had, we would know it were true, therefore we would be robbed of free will in deciding for ourselves if they were real. It is not until there is a great consensus that a definitive truth may be revealed, because free will would have not been violated within acceptable parameters. The ascension of the human race as a whole in knowledge of what truly is, is reliant upon this great consensus, which at present is lacking.

The Veil 

Another mechanism that has been put into place is the veil or the forgetting. We reincarnate over and over again over thousands of years. Each incarnation we go through a review; a meeting of sorts with our Higher Self to establish what has been learned, what still needs to be learned, and how best to incarnate again in a way in which those lessons may be learned or best to facilitate our growth. When we reincarnate we are veiled, meaning we lose memory of our past incarnations. Free will and the veil have been put into place in order to achieve the most varied and creative expressions of experience. This was not always the case throughout time but various experiments have led to our current existence and laws which govern our development.

Past Lives

Our growth in our past lives affect how much we know in this new incarnation. If you are further along in your path the veil is more easily broken. The veil is intentionally made to be able to be pierced. These ‘holes’ in the veil can be experienced through dreams, or intuitive interests. What’s creative about this whole system is that these mechanisms are not so difficult to experience; however, because you can’t prove it, there is always the possibility of doubt. This creates the more varied experience by the choice to believe or not to believe. Brilliant.

“Gifts” – Piercing the Veil

You see, the “magic” in our world, including metaphysics, psi, and the inclusion of “unusual” spiritual phenomena are available to all of us. It is our birthright as extensions of the Creator. Those born already with the advantage of these gifts have earned it through past life development or gifted with a purpose; however, the veil prevents them from knowing what it is they had learned and what their lessons may be. Having these gifts then allow them to believe in their potential and pierce the veil much easier because they have gifts that prove to them that there is something ‘else’. Given they had pierced this knowing in past lives allow them to more easily pierce it again in this life, which is a demonstration of an acceleration in the evolution once it has begun. Those who are not already adept from past life development are still just as capable as the adept but it will take time to get the evolution wheels moving (so to speak). It is certainly difficult in the beginning but these gifts can be attained with the choice to believe. How each person arrives at this belief is up to the individual, but it is ONLY through doing the work and belief that you may pierce the veil.

If you have read my previous posts on “How It Began” you will find numerous times when I mention the importance of belief. It has been the single most important and reoccurring theme throughout this entire journey. If you have not read through this series, I would suggest doing so. It will raise awareness to how belief becomes so critical in exploring all avenues of spiritual development.

Making Progress

As you progress, you will also find that progress is sure, but very slow and very subtle – again allowing doubt to further creep in and prevent others (who attempt to measure or observe) from believing that it works; however, it does accelerate, so it requires spiritual persistence. For example, meditation and belief will allow you to have psychic abilities – this is a fact; however, someone will try it and then say it doesn’t work. Why then does it not work? Because if you are testing it, then you are doubting it. Let us say you didn’t doubt it, the results will be so slow, subtle, and so small that you might easily dismiss it, do this enough times and you don’t see enough progress then you doubt it again. You can see how easy it is to slip into doubt and lose your progress, and difficult to prove because progress is so slow and subtle, plus doubt fuels the need for proof; however, if you stick with it and reflect you will become aware of the subtle cumulative results. As time goes by with practice you will start to see these cumulative effects becoming more and more tangible and accelerating in their strength and frequency.

The “magic” of the universe is very subtle and cumulative in practice and requires the most important ingredient – belief; as a result, this makes it very difficult to measure and prove beyond a reasonable doubt. Some may say that this is just too convenient – would you then be saying that God is not that clever? haha. Similar results in illusive measurement and observation can be seen in physics in what is called the Observer Effect. Check out this video explaining this unusual phenomena.

It is a fact that in all things related to performance, it requires a belief in yourself to achieve your best and belief is required to access flow states to achieve what seems to be the impossible – as in extreme sports or extreme performance. If we can already see that as a working philosophy in reality in these instances, why would it not also be a fundamental ingredient in experiencing all things extraordinary? It is a truly journey to believe, as you can see in my own evolution into consciousness, it is not easy and requires many leaps of faith into a lot of strangeness – but it is only there that you will find the truth and I for one,  believe.

Law of One – The Nature of Evil

As always, I must speak with a disclaimer that the words here are of my own opinion and interpretation on my views in regards to the Law of One.  I would encourage everyone to read the books on their own, which you may find here, in an effort to receive the information free of any distortions that I may unintentionally add here.

I recently got into arguments regarding my interests. They have also have been met with concerns. This was bound to happen and difficult to articulate justification for my interests because it is no short narrative. On top of that, we have centuries of ignorance and bias compounded with misconceptions and social stigmas. So even if I am allotted the opportunity to provide a full narrative to explain myself I have to hope that the individual has the open-mindedness to actually hear and comprehend what it is I am saying.  This blog was intended, in part, to do just that and a reminder to myself on how I got here in my beliefs. It was for these reasons as well as helping others in finding their own path which I decided to write this blog. Unfortunately in conversation, I can’t just have someone sit and read the blog before we have a discussion – although it would save me a lot of headache haha.

So concerns for my interests range from metaphysics, PSI, to the occult. Concern was raised that I am playing with evil and dangerous things; however this is from media and a long history of negative social stigma on the subject but not at all reflective of their actual nature. Having always had an interest in such things I was always too ‘shy’ to pursue any of them because of this stigma. I could see those dark aspects to them, but by their nature, I did not feel this was so, but still I kept my distance.

One thing we must all understand is that no matter how positive anything may be, it can always be abused and used for evil and vice versa. The Bible is a great example of something positive, but used by some in very negative and even evil ways. By this simple and common sense philosophy, all things have the potential to be misused and must be approached with knowledge and care and always, always, always with good intention.

What Is Good And Evil?

Ra describes in the law of One that good and evil does not exist. There is only what is. Good, evil, and sin are all creations of our own social complex.

So let us look at this in regards to God. God means something different for everyone, but the general consensus is that God created all things and is all powerful and makes no mistakes. Would it then make sense then that God would create evil that would then engage God in a struggle where God would then seek to destroy that which he created? Does it make sense that God would create sin and ask us not to be that which he has created?

Ra describes that there are two paths possible to our ascension back to the consciousness of the Creator. Service to others, which is of a positive polarity, and service to self, which is of a negative polarity. Both are equally acceptable paths to the Creator. Now most religiously oriented people may find this concept unacceptable, but before you close this blog in disgust let us look into this.

The reality of our existence is that we all are one – this IS the Law of One. Every person, every plant, every animal, every planet, every spirit, every angel, every creation in existence in the past, present and future are all individualized extensions of one single consciousness, the consciousness of the Creator. In an effort to experience many-ness, we were created. One of the most fundamental laws of His creation is free will. Freedom of choice. It is by our free will and choice, that the Creator is able to experience all facets and colors of life. The beautiful, the good, the bad, the ugly. As we ascend to higher densities our consciousness is merged together with others to increase our knowledge and understanding of the universe, while maintaining our individualized self. As a result, the understanding that becomes a knowing, is that to be of service to others (positive polarity) also services yourself, and to be of service to yourself (negative polarity) in controlling and harming others, only serves to harm yourself. As we ascend higher and higher from one density to the next, whether in service to self or service to others, the knowledge is finally gained that we all are one, those in service to self immediately flip their polarity from service to self – to service of others, realizing that service to self only hurts themselves and counter productive to their own ascension.

How To Use This Information

So you see, in the end, positivity will always be the final result in reaching the density of the Creator. I find this process very elegant and very logical. Once you understand this, it will change how you view the universe in regards to good and evil. In understanding this you can more easily, with more accuracy and confidence, distinguish between the two. Here is a controversial example described by Ra in the law of One. Although the Bible is a resource for teaching the law of One, there are many negative influences as well, and like any other resource that is out there you must discern what is positive and what is negative. The ten commandments is an example of a negative influence. Why? Specifically these words, “Thou shalt not…”. These words violate free will, commanding that these be followed without question. As a result it prevented choice and created a division of us vs them. (Note: Laws of the state are allowed as they may be challenged and are in harmony with choice).

The rule is simple, if you do anything that infringes on the free will of another self is of negative polarity. Lies are negative because you are controlling the context of information that violates their free will to act on truth. Intention also has a lot to do with it, as in a lie is negative, but if it is with selflessness and the intention of compassion then this would not be seen as negative. You will find a lot of people challenging their notion of what they do is positive rather than negative, but you will know in your heart if you are trying to deceive yourself or others in this notion. Be honest with yourself and your intent and you will know if it is truly of a positive or negative polarity.

This knowledge is greatly liberating and allows us to pursue life with more confidence – regardless of social stigma for our choices.  As I have said, I have shy’d away from interests in the past because of history or social stigmas that make me question if something is positive or negative. Now that I have my own reliable gauge for what is right and wrong I can pursue my life with confidence in knowing that what I am doing is positive. It also allows me to learn and research more freely and with confidence in being able to discern whether the information is positive or negative. If the information divides people, creates fear, or suppresses people in any way, this is of a negative influence.

Although it can seem black and white to what is positive and negative the degree of positivity and the degree of negativity must be weighed in your discernment. For example, you may find that a person for the most part is very positive, but has done something or said something in the negative. You need not dismiss the person for the negative but rather accept the person as the positive person they are but reject the words or actions that were negative. Again, the Bible is another example, there is negative information there. It was written and edited by man. You must make your own distinction on what is positive and what is negative. You don’t need to accept it all as one way or the other, you choose what it is you take to heart and what not to. We all will falter, all we can do is strive to better ourselves and try to accept into our hearts only what is positive.

The Journey Continues

With this new found knowledge and understanding I have taken seriously my pursuits into metaphysics, PSI, and the occult. Particularly I do not like to use the word occult as it has so much history and stigma attached to the word in association to black magic. Defined as “supernatural, mystical, or magical beliefs, practices, or phenomena” – this is accurate to the point that it is free from bias of positive and negative polarity; however inaccurate in that it is not ‘super’ natural but natural, not mystical or magical but is the true reality of things. These pursuits are not an experiment to see what might work or hold truth, I have already done the leg work, through all my research the past few years, I have come to understand with certainty, through countless validations from mystics and philosophers, to scientists and physicists that these things are the true nature of the things and NOT the exception. These are things that continue to elude most of us as they require faith in hand with raising of our vibration to attain it. In doing so, we not only reach our true potential but are introduced to a vibrant and exciting universe as a reward. While all these arts are certainly capable of negative uses and influences, it is always important to continue to discern the positive and negative. I continue to do this, not only in my path, but in my thoughts and intentions. Understanding of the arts in the pursuit of light,  in love and compassion, to raise my vibration and awareness so that I may become a better person and perhaps inspire others – these are my interests…

… And its all good!

Law of One – Experiences of Connection

As always, I must speak with a disclaimer that the words here are of my own opinion and interpretation on my views in regards to the Law of One.  I would encourage everyone to read the books on their own, which you may find here, in an effort to receive the information free of any distortions that I may unintentionally add here.

Ra states in the Law of One that we all are connected. There is a connection to all life. Every consciousness, every part of the illusion including what we may consider matter as an idea comes from one consciousness. A hierarchy of individualized consciousness that converge into one. Each individualized consciousness is on a path. Some are not aware of the path, because of this unknowing, some will not ascend in consciousness and remain in a seemingly endless loop of incarnations.


There are 3 densities which I will discuss for these experiences I had with connection. Ra describes the first density as rock and water. Second density are plants (trees in particular), animals, and minerals. Third density is us. Third density are self aware beings including humans and ETs alike. These 3 densities reside in the material world so therefore, we are aware and can interact with them. Within each density there are 7 octaves or levels. Within each one of those octaves are 7 more octaves and so on for infinity.

The first density of rock and water are influenced through transformation by wind and fire. Also, all densities are influenced and transformed by their own or other densities. So a rock may be transformed by the wind, fire, other rock, water, and other density entities including plants, animals, and people. They interact, shape, and transform the rock. The same with water. Water progressing through the inner octaves would be like a puddle, to a pond, to a stream, to a lake, to a river, to an ocean. With experiences from becoming the rain, a bubble, or being drunk by the animals. Experiences in shaping the rock or a catalyst in the life and death of other living things.

I love this knowing I have come to understand of the universe. It is beautiful, elegant, and intelligent. To live by Law of One is humbling, to realize that we all are one and one are all. I find it particularly fascinating that by our interaction we may influence the development of a life force. How wonderful and powerful that is. It has changed how I see all living things and how I interact with them. It goes beyond our influence of each other as people.

The Bubble

I was doing dishes when I noticed a tiny bubble approaching me from the sink, to my belly. It was the only bubble I recall having seen. I was wearing a shirt and watched the bubble as it came closer, anticipating it popping against my shirt, it moved to about as close as you can get to the edge of my shirt near my belly without touching it. It moved without any sway or jitter – smooth and consistent. It started moving diagonally upward along the edge of my shirt, up to just below my chest toward my arm pit. It continued until it finally disappeared under my arm pit.

I resumed doing the dishes and began to reflect on the Law of One where Ra described that the wind transforms the water. I thought about the water experiencing itself as a bubble. Being lifted into the air in flight. I thought, this must be like an extreme sport for a water drop. Can you imagine being water? To be of a collective – a single entity,  unaware of any individualization? (Ironically the opposite of our experience – individuals unaware of their collective consciousness.) Then suddenly from this collective entity, this drop emerges as an individual into an alien form – the bubble. And if that wasn’t a shocking birth in and of itself – it suddenly takes flight, harnessed by the wind, breaking all the laws of being that it has ever known. haha. Yes, I actually had these thoughts. What an exciting moment it must have been to be that bubble!

After having engaged in that entire thought, and having completed the dishes, I turned 90 degrees to my left and froze as I saw the SAME bubble again down near my belly button. It approached me again. In the same way it had earlier. Once again, I anticipated the bubble popping against my shirt; however, once again, it got as close as could be against my shirt and began to climb up to my chest. Again, it moved smooth as silk, without jitter or sway. It climbed my chest up to about my heart then began moving to the left up where it disappeared, obscured from my sight as it moved up along my neck and over my shoulder.

I laughed and said aloud, “Did I just have a moment with a bubble?” I never saw that bubble pop and I did not see it again, but as Ra would describe that interactions influence the movement of consciousness, I couldn’t help but wonder if that experience had some effect on the consciousness of that water drop. Of course we could say it was just a bubble, but isn’t it amazing what a little perspective can do to enhance the reality of life? I could not help but wonder if this was a deliberate teaching moment for me. Whether deliberate or not, and it seems funny, but quite charming, that I will never forget that bubble and the lesson that I learned from him.


I was reading a book by Ted AndrewsHow to Meet and Work with Spirit Guides (a book I highly recommend) where he talks about nature spirits. He describes that there are unseen entities residing in nature; in the bushes, in the trees. When he would plan to clean up the brush for landscaping or trim the trees. He would warn them ahead of time for what he was about to do, also asking for a sign if what he was about to do would be inappropriate so that he might reconsider. I loved his perspective, whether I believe in such entities or not, who knows, but it certainly does not hurt to have such a perspective. In the least, in how it relates to the Ra Material (which I do believe), it gives me pause to offer the same respect to the plants and nature as Andrew describes. So in doing simple landscaping, approaching the plants by extending your intention through your heart chakra. My intentions are to enhance their beauty to be appreciated, provide them with water for nourishment, clearing weeds to provide them with protection and room to grow. If you are doing some major landscape renovation, particularly with trees, try to relocate them, reflect if there are any signs that a particular tree should remain before doing the work.

The Iris

I’ve made it more of a point to look closer at nature – looking closer at the animals, the trees, the flowers. One morning I was walking around taking a look at the flowers when I noticed what looked like 2 iris flowers holding hands – so to speak. What made this more interesting is that this was at the wilting stage of the flowers. The flowers sat about 2 inches from one another and it seemed they were reaching out to one another. I was curious to see if after their passing these stalks would somehow still show some sort of favor to one another; however that was not the case. So could it be that these flowers who seemed to hold hands as they passed experienced some sort of a connection in their brief life with another? Here is a beautiful video showing in time-lapse, the life cycle of an iris.

I also wondered if the plant itself would be considered like the higher self, and the flowers – individualized consciousness from the rest of the plant. As the flower passes, as in our own incarnation, the experiences of the flower are merged into the consciousness of the plant. Haha – crazy right? I know, but this is how I think, and as crazy as it sounds, makes a lot of sense.


I’ve currently been staying with my aunt. They have a dog named Cody, that is now 14 years old. He’s an old dog whom I never really gave much attention to other than the occasional petting as he passed by. He has various warts on his skin so it creeped out a bit to pet him. He also never seemed to give me any extended attention as well. I would also get agitated with him as he often got in the way.

In recent months Cody’s gate has become unstable – walking as if drunk, and often losing balance. A few weeks ago he began to have diarrhea and grew increasingly weak. Having difficulty moving around at all. For about 3 days he would not get up at all. When you would visit him he would not even raise his head to look up, just glance at you with his eyes and resume his gaze forward. The family had decided to put him down. It was going to occur in a couple of days. At this point I felt very sorry for Cody and the misery he seemed to be enduring. I felt bad also for the way I seemed to disregard him. He  needed some TLC and I wanted to provide that to him.

As Cody laid there, he did not raise his head but his eyes looked up at me. I held his head gently in my hands and stroked his fur along his face and head. I put my forehead again his and centered my mind. I focused on my heart chakra and tried to fill it with the emotion of love and healing. I tried to inspire feelings of intention toward caring, compassion, encouragement and strength. Then I imagined projecting those emotions and intentions from my heart to his. I did this for several minutes as I sat with him and stroked his head.

I did this for 2 days, including the day he was to be put down. On that day he had found his courage to get up on his own to go outside. As a result, they decided not to go through with it and see if he might recover. He has since recovered going out to bark at nothing in the yard but still with his wobbling gate, but he grows stronger and that’s encouraging.

I don’t pretend that I had any hand at his recovery – that is not why I tell this story. The reason I tell that story is that since that day, Cody would come up to me, stare at me, and rest his head in my lap. As he does this, I center my mind and extend compassion and love to him as I did on those days he was lying there. I sincerely believe that in those moments with him, he and I made a connection. Before this, he never made such gestures to me. A few times he also would sit in front of me and raise his paw to me as if to shake even though he can barely hold his balance.

Ra stated that the ascension of second density beings are greatly accelerated by their interactions in their roles as pets. They learn to individualize themselves through the interactions. I find this beautiful and more importantly, a responsibility – for aren’t we all one consciousness? To help another is to help ourselves. To help others is to help all. Not just as people, but all life as we know it.

How It Began – Pt 6 – Law of One

Law of One

I had to sit and think about how to even begin to tackle discussing this part of my journey. I suppose how I came across this work would be a good place to start. Having developed the interest in channeling or more general, spirit guide contact, I came across David Wilcock. I had always seen him pop up from time to time in my research; however I never really looked too much into it because on YouTube, for example, the video titles would come across as pretty ridiculous.  It wasn’t until I became very intrigued with the Gaia series “Cosmic Disclosure” by David Wilcock that I had started to take notice (I will get more into the series in a later post). What peaked my interest, is the topic of the Law of One kept coming up in the conversations. After a brief research I realized this was a body of work that contained every possible subject in spirituality and the universe you could think of. After reading about the source of the material and how it came about, this was some pretty outrageous stuff, even for me.

Law of One is a collection of 5 books channeled by L/L Research (Carla Rueckert, Don Elkins, and Jim McCarty) between 1981 and 1984. The books are comprised of 106 channeled sessions.  David Wilcock created a study guide, summarizing the books where he states, “Ra’s words, brought through in 1981, are arguably the ultimate source of accurate ET information to have emerged in modern history.”

Introduction By Don Elkins

Here is an excerpt by Don Elkins from the Introduction of Book 1.

“Since our experimental work began, and even before we officially formed a research group, there was considerable confusion about the nature of our research. I would like to state that I consider my point of view to be purely scientific. Many readers of this material have used as a basis for its evaluation a previously assumed philosophical bias which has ranged from what I would call objectively scientific to subjectively theological. It is not the purpose of our research group to attempt to do anything other than make experimental data available. Each reader will undoubtedly reach his own unique conclusion about the meaning of this body of data.

In recent years there has been much controversy about phenomena that were apparently incompatible with accepted methods of scientific research. This included such things as UFOs, mental metal-bending, psychic surgery, and many other seemingly miraculous happenings.

To prove or disprove any of these alleged phenomena is certainly not properly the task of the casual observer. However, most of the public opinion that has been generated with respect to these events seems to be the product of quick and superficial investigation. After almost thirty years of research and experimentation in the area of so-called paranormal phenomena, I must recommend extreme caution in reaching a conclusion. If it is possible to make money, gain notoriety, or have fun from perpetrating a hoax, then someone usually does it. Consequently, paranormal or psychic areas are prime targets for the trickster, and the careful researcher usually has to observe copious amounts of ‘garbage’ data in order to find a possible imbedded gem of truth. This is especially true of Philippine psychic surgery and the large area of spirit communication in general.

It seems to me that the presently accepted scientific paradigm is less than adequate. It is my opinion that our present natural philosophy is a very special case of a much more general case yet to be unveiled. It is my hope that our research is in the direction of this discovery. After assimilating several million words of alleged extraterrestrial communication, it is also my opinion that this book and the subsequent volumes of the Ra material contain the most useful information that I have discovered. As a result of all of this delving into the rather confusing subjects of UFOlogy and parapsychology, I, of course, have formed my current opinion of how things ‘really are.’ This opinion may change at any time as I become aware of future information. This book is not intended to be a treatise of my opinion, so I will not attempt to defend its validity. The following is the best guess I can make about what we think we are doing. Only time will tell as to the accuracy of this guess.

Our research group uses what I prefer to call ‘tuned trance telepathy’ to communicate with an extraterrestrial race called Ra…

Probably the most difficult thing to understand about Ra is its nature. Ra is a sixth-density social memory complex. Since Earth is near the end of the third-density cycle of evolution, this means that Ra is three evolutionary cycles ahead of us. In other words, Ra’s present state of evolution is millions of years in advance of Earthman’s…

At this writing we have completed over 100 sessions of experimental communications with Ra. This approximate 300,000 words of information has suggested to me a possibly more adequate scientific paradigm. Only time and future will serve to validate and expand this paradigm.

How To Proceed

On 05-21-2018 I was having a very exceptional day of synchronicities and creative flow. I kept a spiritual journal of this day. One of the moments I had that day, I was developing a new meditation technique using VR (Virtual Reality) and had the feeling that what I was seeing and experiencing in that moment was what I felt the spirit world beyond the third density – or existence past this 3D existence on Earth, looked like. It was a world of light and light beings. It felt like a world that felt like home. This idea of the Universe was what I had come to understand through the Law Of One.

I was reminded of how profoundly this body of work has changed me on every level. What is so tragic about the whole thing, is I don’t know a single person close to me who could possibly come to believe this material. Not only that, but all of this I’ve come to know. As Joe Rogan stated in one of his stand ups that is applicable here, “I don’t get it. I get that you get it, but I don’t get it.” I stepped away from writing this blog for a couple weeks because I didn’t know how to proceed. How do you plead your case, for what I consider, to possibly be, the most important written work of modern times, that is so out there that no one could possibly believe it.

Don Elkins wrote…

“The first thing to say about the UFO phenomenon is that it is extraordinarily strange. The serious researcher, as he reads more and more and does more and more field research, finds himself less and less able to talk about the UFO phenomenon in a sensible and “down to Earth” way. Well over half the people in the United States have said in nationwide polls that they believe that UFOs are real, and television series and motion pictures reflect the widespread interest in this subject. Yet, there are few researchers who would pretend to be able to understand the phenomenon completely. Dr. J. Allen Hynek (head of Project Blue Book) has called this quality of the research the “high strangeness’ factor and has linked the amount of high strangeness with the probable validity of the case.”

The Biggest Lesson In My Journey

This led to what I consider the most important lesson of my journey. I feel pretty silly in that, it was in front of me all along. I wrote about it in two of my previous blogs and yet I never put it together.  I talk about it in detail in How It Began – Pt 3 – Eric Pepin, the Psychic and the Metaphysical Connection under the subtitle Believing. In meditation, you have to engage the experience believing and without fear that everything is a sign, a signal, a message, a meaning. In psychic practice you have to do the same. You HAVE to believe it. It’s not till AFTER the experience, that you evaluate, analyze, and judge. It is then you decide what to believe.

Carla Rueckert, who was the channeler for the project described her struggles learning to channel in the introduction in Book 1.

As we sat meditating, according to the instructions, everyone in the group except me began to make strange noises with their mouths. For my part, my main difficulty during those first six months was keeping a straight face and not laughing as the sessions gradually became a raucous symphony of guttural clicks, slurps, and tongue flops.

The nature of the experiment changed drastically when the group was visited by a contactee from Detroit. The contactee sat down with the group and almost immediately was contacted apparently by telepathic impression saying: “Why don’t you speak the thoughts that are on your minds? We are attempting to use you as instruments of communication, but you are all blocked through fear that you will not be speaking the proper words.” Through this instrument, Walter Rogers of Detroit, Michigan, the group was instructed to refrain from analysis, to speak the thoughts and to analyze the communication only after it had been completed.

In my other entry, How It Began – Pt 5 – ET’s and Spirituality under the subsection Reality Check I state,

“I often find that after I make that leap of faith, as I dive further into the rabbit hole, those leaps of faith become validated through the knowledge I acquired in going deeper. In essence, I don’t think I would have come to the profound understanding of the universe that I have gained without taking those leaps of faith. It was only then, that I was able to find the validations in those leaps of faith that had got me there to begin with.”

It was in this moment that I realized, that I was applying to individual instances, unconsciously, where I needed to maintain momentum in trying to evolve what I’ve come to know and believe. Only realizing after reflection (writing this blog) what it is I was actually doing.

Reserve Your Judgement

You always hear the terms, “reserve your judgement till the end”, or “approach it with an open mind”, but I never really thought about what that really entails. If I tell you to read the Law of One and “approach it with an open mind” and “reserve your judgement till the end”, it means that you have to approach it without any preconceived notion – like I don’t believe in channeling. This is a book of everything all at once. I describe in How It Began – Pt 5 – ET’s and Spirituality under Managing TMI (Too Much Information), about when we need to digest something incredible, we need to do it 10% at a time or we will never be able to believe it. It’s too much of a shock to our current beliefs, but in this case, there is just too much to be able to apply that approach. It means, that to truly digest what is being offered here, you can’t analyze and judge as you go, because if you do, you are then not properly allowing yourself to “reserve your judgement”.

In order to do that, you have to read it as if you believe every word. Then when you’ve finished, make your judgement in what it is you wish to believe. This is critical in approaching this material. You will find validations to this material come up unexpectedly all around in spiritual, metaphysical, and ET subject matter once you know the material. As I stated,

“I often find that after I make that leap of faith, as I dive further into the rabbit hole, those leaps of faith become validated through the knowledge I acquired in going deeper.”

Carla Rueckert also had this important message…

“This last point is an important one when talking about psychic research of any kind. Don has always said that one of my assets as a research associate is my great gullibility. Almost anyone can play a joke on me because I do not catch on quickly. I have a way of taking things as they come and accepting them at face value and only afterwards analyzing what has occurred. This gullibility is a vital factor in obtaining good results in paranormal research. A desire for proof will inevitably lead to null results and voided experiments. An open mind, one willing to be gullible, leads its possessor to a kind of subjective and personal certainty which does not equal proof as it cannot be systematically reproduced in others. However, this subjective knowing is a central part of the spiritual evolution to which Ra speaks so compellingly in this volume and which we have researched for many years now.”

It is certainly interesting that the concept of faith, believing, gullibility is in fact necessary in order to expand the mind to places its never gone before. Else judgement and analysis will cause you to retract from proceeding any further to where the answers may be found. Furthermore, in regards to the experiences, analysis during an experience will hinder the results of the experience thereby justifying the judgment.

Carla describes this in their research…

“Don states that telepathic experiments between himself and Uri Geller have been totally successful. However, since they were deliberately not performed under rigorous scientific control, they could not be included in any orthodox report. It is, in fact, our opinion that the rigorous controls have a dampening effect on the outcome of any experiment of this type.”


Ironically, in my journey, running from my family’s roots in religion for the reasons of the absurdity of faith, it is faith that I found to be the key to enlightenment. I’ve always run from that word because of its stigma with Christian religions. Its a word I feel uncomfortable with as a result. I still feel very strongly against religious institutes themselves but the parallels to the core teachings are unmistakable. Without faith in the approach to this material, and almost all of the other facets of this journey, I never would have evolved to who I’ve become today. Where with each step of faith justifies and validates the previous step. This is the only way to evolve past your current beliefs and understanding of all things in the universe.

What Is The Law Of One

I decided not go into details about the books. To do so, i think, would be to elicit a premature judgment to the reader. I will save specific details for later posts which I will issue ‘spoiler alerts’ for those who have not read it. haha.

I will say though, is the Law of One is not a religion. It is about the laws that govern the universe.  It does not condemn, discredit, or conflict with religion; although it identifies many distortions that have corrupted the intended messages. The material provides a cohesive bridge of understanding between religions as spiritual paths to the same truth. It provides the objective understanding of positive and negative polarities, and the evolution and the ascension of each. It is about the evolution of life itself. You will discover cosmic events that have shaped our universe, our world, and our species. It also discusses in beautiful detail, the essence, and meaning of life. After reading this material you will be inspired by life, provided conscious guidance on how you may wish to live, and it will dissolve your fear death. Now, if THAT does not peak your interest and beg, deep into your being, the need to investigate further, then you are not ready.

On a personal level, It has brought solidifying validation to so many of my previous beliefs, beliefs I felt even before this journey began. More-so,  it has provided me a guide to the universe and myself, from the past, present, and future self. It has given me an even more spectacular view of our journey and the universe that far exceeds what I had dreamed of. A universe so full of hope, diversity, complexity, and rich with detail in history and purpose.

Where To Begin

Begin by reading David Wilcock’s study guide for the Law of One. This should provide you with enough foundation for you to understand the books. After you have finished, then decide. For me… I choose to believe, and I am a better human being for it. I now see everything through the eyes of a child – with wonder, compassion, awe, curiosity, and adventure. What better way to live a life? In the end, whether you choose to believe or not to believe, one thing is for certain, you will be inspired. So either way, this tells me, I’m on the right path…

And so the journey continues …

How It Began – Pt 5 – ET’s and Spirituality

Something that I found that was really important for my spiritual development was in learning about, and accepting, the symbiotic relationships between us, the ET’s, and spirituality. Given how my journey began through the studies of the extra terrestrial work by Dr. Steven Greer, this was very beneficial for me. You might even say it was necessary for what I required in my journey, not only to begin, but to become open and accepting enough to grow with it as things became more strange.

There are living three dimensional beings, living as we do in this universe with these fantastic technologies which opened my mind creatively, to what else is possible in this life and universe that we are living. Knowing that there are advanced technological explanations (even if it is well passed our knowledge of understanding) it allowed me to accept what normally I would have not been able to accept. The study of extra terrestrials allowed me to accept their strange forms, psychic abilities, and technology. From the countless physical species (which is crazy enough), to biological robots, and conscious machines – yes conscious machines, invisibility through cloaking and dimensional shifts, or even drones in the form of glowing orbs of light. Strangeness.

Reality Check

I am not oblivious to what I feel to be true, may be false. I accept that; however, to what matters, these have been validated to me many times over, so for those I am convinced. What I believe is what I believe for a reason, but often it involves some leap of faith; however, most of the time, for me, it’s been a cautioned and informed leap of faith. I have to feel that other sources that I trust, acknowledge it and it is something that I feel really is true in my heart – never forced. I often find that after I make that leap of faith, as I dive further into the rabbit hole, those leaps of faith become validated through the knowledge I acquired in going deeper. In essence, I don’t think I would have come to the profound understanding of the universe that I have gained without taking those leaps of faith. It was only then, that I was able to find the validations in those leaps of faith that had got me there to begin with.  I am not asking anyone to believe what I believe, this is your own path to explore and your own decision to make, but for me, it all fits together, and it feels true.

DNA Results…

In the Documentary Sirius by Dr. Steven Greer, he investigated the remains of a 6 inch creature with an elongated head found in Chile. Said to have lived to the age of about 6 years old and having no signs of any deformity causing illnesses, they set out to discover the origins of the creature. The DNA research was conducted alongside Emery Smith (Emery is known for multiple alien autopsies conducted under the military). The DNA of the creature turned out to be human, but the scientist was cautioning that yes it is human, but there’s a lot of unexplained DNA in there. Hmm… ok, well that’s interesting. What else?

Since writing, this Emery Smith has come out to public becoming one of the most fantastic and credible insiders. The information he provides is spectacular with messages of hope, love, and compassion in our relationships with many ET races. I strongly suggest watching his various interviews describing his experiences.

Later, I had found an interview with Dan Burisch.

Mr. Burisch claims to be a biologist that took samples from a live ET Grey called J-Rod. His testimony regarding procedures, his surroundings,  and the bases he worked seemed to fit in line the the testimony of others under Dr. Greer’s Disclosure Project. From what I’ve come to understand through my research on the subject he comes across as quite believable. It is a very fascinating interview and I highly recommend watching it. Anyway, the piece of information that is of particular interest here, among many others, is that the DNA test results from the Grey came back – human. This was a very profound eye opening piece of information. Now it was only this Grey, so we don’t know about the other species, but there was also this Atacama creature – So what does this mean?

Psychic Reality

The reality of an alien life form being human, considering we are FAR less developed,  would then suggest that we come from them. I can’t imagine how religious people would react to this information. It pretty much throws out all of the Christian ideas on the creation of man – or at least how we currently view it.  Understanding and accepting this, which is quite a big pill to swallow, would open up yet another door into this labyrinth of a rabbit hole. For me, this would soon open up a whole new world of information that would not only validate this incredible revelation, but open the floodgates to an exciting reality of the universe. But first, we had to take the next step in my evolution.

There was another realization that was confirmed in my mind, what I had tried to believe with pure faith and had little validation of. Knowing that the ET Greys had human DNA and a very similar biology, this meant that all of the psychic and metaphysical powers that were available to them were also available to us, we just hadn’t developed it yet. This and the fact that other humans were capable of it,  had convinced me that these capabilities were possible for all of us to attain. Up till now I had believed on faith, in the things I had read, that this was possible. Eric Pepin had said everyone was capable of it… But honestly, it took this piece of information added to it, to validate it as a solid belief.

Having this belief solidified was actually very liberating because until then you are under an internal battle of justifying your belief. It was such a battle because although I believed it in my heart that it was true, I was not able to demonstrate any psychic abilities. I have always had a tendency towards being empathic, where I can put myself into a situation in my mind or in someone’s shoes and it seems I can feel the emotion of that person or the emotion of that moment as if it was really happening to me. I would dismiss it in that I have a vivid imagination, but I would always wonder. So this realization made me take a closer look at that and also what else might be possible out there.

Now looking back, I realized that I was always frustrated with the absence of any psychic abilities, because I was always looking for something that stood out. But what I realized is that more often than not, those instincts blend perfectly with your normal thoughts and emotions. This makes them easier to dismiss than to isolate them as something unusual or unique. The trick is in getting the rest of your mind, body, and emotions to shut up so you can then see these things for what they are.

Solara An Ra – Pleiadian Emissary to Gaia: A Journey Between Worlds

I was mysteriously drawn to this book, Pleiadian Emissary to Gaia: A Journey Between Worlds by Solara An Ra and bought it without hesitation, and without even knowing what it was about or knowing who the author was. I’ve been trying to figure out how I stumbled on Solara An Ra – I can’t recall and it’s especially frustrating  because this was such a leap of faith for me that was not cautioned OR informed.  All I knew is that she seemed to be some sort of an ambassador to an ET species called the Pleiadians. I didn’t know till I ordered the book and was waiting for it to arrive, when I read that she was channeling these beings. I was actually thinking, oh man, really?! I didn’t know it was like that, then felt a bit discouraged that I had bought the book. I watched a few minutes online of her channeling and watching other people channeling as well, it is just such an odd thing and some act pretty weird during the experience; however, based on what I had learned, this really doesn’t seem that far fetched. So although I was a little hesitant about the book, i was still very curious.

Having read the book, it is quite honestly one of the most amazing books I have ever read. The book came across as very personal, honest, and direct. It honestly felt like I was a reading a modern day adventure of a biblical nature. Curiosity into channeling led to contact with multiple alien species who would provide Solara with detailed instructions for missions that would heal or reboot some of the Earth’s energy centers. By doing this, it would open up the channels to the spiritual realm more easily for people, in an effort to ascend the human race into the next level of vibration. These various alien species are trying to assist us in our evolution of consciousness.

Side Note – Finding Others

As I’ve stated many times, a huge part of this process that is necessary to move forward and to grow, is validation. Also, this can all seem pretty lonely when you don’t have anyone to relate this all with. I started looking for other sources whom I could relate to in my beliefs – in this case, specific to ET and spirit guide contact through meditation or channeling… and I wanted to find people that did not seem crazy haha. A few that I found were, Gigi Young and Bridget Nielsen. Both claim to be starseeds – human-ET hybrids that channel and are intuitives (the new name for psychics). Yes, reading that may sound crazy, but as far as I’ve come, it really isn’t, and in fact, if you listen to them, they are very down to earth haha – yes, I see the irony there, but they don’t come across as crazy, unintelligent individuals. Yet as fantastic as their stories are, the information they provide is accurate, based on all that I have learned from all the different sources, even up till now, what they have to say is in line with those sources and what is possible.

Another resource is Kevin Moore, he provides some great interviews and information, including interviews with Solara, Gigi, and Bridget. I strongly recommend checking him out. I learned a lot through his channel.

My Mission Of Contact

As crazy as Solara’s story was, as well as Gigi Young and Bridget Nielsen, I believed her 100%, and still do. I see her as an unsung hero on this spiritual existence that we are only beginning to understand. I was inspired by who she had become on that journey and inspired by the universe in that it has so much depth, history, and meaning. It is truly exciting – and fun. After reading this book, I felt this mission to establish my own contact. The reason why I had felt this to be important is that I wanted to find my purpose in life and to learn what I needed for my own spirituality. What better place to gain that knowledge than through a higher being. I bought the book that had started Solara on her path to channeling, Opening to Channel by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. This was a book written by the authors in commentary to the messages channeled from Orin and DaBen.

“… Orin, have lived one earth life very long ago in your years… I have long since evolved into pure light and spirit, having no physical body. DaBen is also a being of light and has not lived an earth life.”

They are working with us to assist in raising awareness because humanity is going through a major transition and awakening. Again, I know this sounds crazy, but shoots, I believe Solara, so if she believed – then – plug my nose and jump in.

Types Of Guides

Making the handshake across dimensions can result in many different types of guides. “… those who have been incarnated on the earth and lived at least one earth life; those who have not lived an earth life and are from dimensions outside the galaxy and stars… “, there are also ascended masters (Jesus, would be an ascended master), Angels, guardian angels, extra terrestrials, higher self, “… there are other guides that do not fit into these categories.”. It is also important to note that just because these may be higher beings, does not mean there are not dark or manipulative entities. The positive, as well as the negative may pass through. It is through intent and awareness that you decipher what may be allowed through. Also, I learned that often loved ones who have passed are not likely able to come through because they are not yet enlightened beings, they are lower vibration and not able to control their vibration very well.

Putting It into Practice

This was all pretty exciting to think of all that may be possible to connect to, but also the decision – who should I try to connect to? The advice given was when you are ready to connect to ask for the “Highest Guide” available. This is a way through intention to weed out the low vibration energies which you want to avoid. You can connect to your Higher Self for advice but that higher self will not be is high of a vibration as some of the other higher guides. These higher guides may also be extra terrestrial – how cool would that be? But here’s the caveat, to be able to connect you need to be able to somewhat match the vibration together. So a higher being will need to lower their vibration, and may also assist you in raising your vibration temporarily so that a connection can be made. Also, if a connection is made, especially since I’m a virgin here, the signals will be incredibly subtle so you have to scrutinize everything, no matter (or especially) how subtle or faint a message might be. I decided, in the beginning, to simply ask for any Higher Guide that wishes to support me and can match my vibration, attempt to make contact. Ultimately, however, I would like to connect to my Higher Self – it is me. I think it’s important to understand my Higher Self and try to find my/his intent before consulting outside to improve upon that.

So, the process is to ask them to assist in raising my vibration. Also, another thing to be aware of is allowing for any method as a medium for a message. Touch, sound, air pressure, movement, internal movement, emotion, a thought, an image, a color, even allow for involuntary or suggested movement. These methods for contact are not specifically channeling, but I’m not picky and will take what I can get. Channeling comes through verbally using your body as the communication device. You must also allow for verbal – just speaking (or writing) blankly from the mind. Ultimately, you must try to allow for as many methods as possible for them to attempt to communicate, because you never know what you might be able to resonate with more easily. It is also important to test them. It is expected and necessary to build a relationship. So I would make different attempts to establish some sort of communication, saying “On the count of three, show me the color yellow.” or “On the count of three, play a tone in my ear or ringing.”

My First Experience

I was looking for some guided meditations to help me achieve some sort of connection with a spirit guide.  I found Gigi Young. Yes, she is absolutely gorgeous, and when she talked I can’t help but to lock eyes hahaha. We pretty much align in our beliefs so I looked for and found a guided meditation from her for connecting to spirit guides. I modified it with what I need to establish a deeper meditation to achieve the highest vibration possible… Adding nature sounds, start with tones for focusing on root and solar chakras and a song to establish elevated emotions – then it begins the guided mediation. It took a few times but during this particular mediation, I was deep in the zone and the guided meditation ended, so I stopped the audio and continued to meditate. At one point I said “Tell me your name.” I allowed my mouth to be free to be manipulated and made a sound to allow the sound to also to be manipulated. Although nothing changed or wanted to change with the sound so I stopped making sound, but my mouth wanted to grow wider. My mouth continued to want to get wider almost to the point of it being uncomfortable. I continued to allow myself to give into it and ended up with my head tilted all the way back, my mouth wide open to the ceiling. It for sure looked ridiculous but it was oddly comfortable and it felt that this is what was intended for me to do. I got the distinct impression that this was necessary for a rise in my vibration, or something was coming down above and through my mouth and into my body. It was a little frightening in that it was so unusual, but I felt it was okay and in fact necessary. I ended the meditation noticing tears. This wasn’t uncommon in my meditations because of the elevated emotions portion; however, this was different in that it came from nowhere. This experience was somewhat cryptic, but a powerful experience.

I have noticed for quite a while, up to this point, of synchronicities that have been happening to me. I have made it a very conscious point not to worry about anything and if something has me stressed, then during my meditations I try to manifest, by visualizing and emoting, the result of acquiring or achieving the solution to that which is giving stressing me. That in turn, relieves the stress and soon, and rather discreetly, a synchronicity occurs to help remedy what it is that was causing me the stress before. Sometimes its so subtle or discreet that I don’t think of it until a bit later when I realize – damn that was pretty serendipitous. I also noticed that whenever I made that synchronous conscious connection or if I came across information that profoundly seemed to resonate with me as a sort of message, I get butterflies in my belly and I can feel almost as if tears would start to form.  When I began noticing this, I laughed and was thinking with intention towards my guides – “Is that you doing this?” And the feeling immediately occurred again. I started laughing thinking, you guys are gonna make me a freakin’ baby if every time I sense a blessing I get teary-eyed. This is the downside of an empath where emotions are where you resonate most.

I also began noticing that in a meditation when I would start to nod off, or lose focus, I would get a jerk on my arm or head. Now I would get this even way before and same with most people, if you start to fall asleep your body jerks, but when it happened this time, I had a firm thought in my head – “Focus!”. I sort of smirked knowing I had just been somewhat disciplined. What made the thought of “Focus!” unusual is that in my meditations, I let go. If you strain or attempt with vigilant focus, it does’t work, you have to let go, completely relax, soft gaze – lose focus and then gradually slide back into focus. So the fact that this was a stern order was not at my current conscious level. I think things like this are super easy to dismiss and impossible to ever prove to anyone – I only have my emotion and my own perspective of awareness to what is happening to decipher if it was something unusual. So now when it happens I apologize and think “ok ok!” hahaha.

Although I had these experiences, I was still not able to make any connections when making specific attempts to do so for several weeks. One night as I was doing a meditation laying down and trying again to appeal to my spirit guide, I felt a pressure in the pit of my belly. I had read that these feelings can be felt as an energy passes through your body. So I asked “On the count of 3, pass through my body”. At 3 I felt the feeling again… I tried 2 more times… I felt it. I then said, “On the count of 3, go into my body and stay there, then I will say now, and you will exit my body”. So I got the feeling on enter, but nothing when it left. I asked again – same thing. Then I felt something on the top of my head. It felt like something landed on top of my head. I restrained myself from reaching up to check. I was fairly certain it was just some feeling from the meditation. I then asked again “On the count of three pass through my body.” I felt the pressure in my belly AND on my head… I asked again, and it did it again. That was all I was able to do, but it was controlled and repeatable. This was pretty exciting. Very small achievements, but achievements none the less. I knew I still had a long way to go.

This Is Just The Beginning

As you read this journey, this has been my evolution in growth and understanding as I discover and experience this world of the metaphysical, ETs, and spirituality. It can be quite exciting to discover new information, that to your core, you believe to be real. Information that you feel not many people know about or can accept – or that it seems you are at the leading edge of new information. I would soon find out just how much I had missed that had been available for many years. I would realize just how much I really needed to learn. At the same time, it would intensify my journey toward the greatest enlightenment I could have never imagined. This was not only a spiritual but academic adventure, and this was just the beginning!

How It Began – Pt 4 – Dr. Joe Dispenza, the Scientific Connection

After my phase of studying and practicing under the teachings of Eric Pepin, I was feeling I was on the right path but I was having my doubts about some of Eric’s beliefs and the information he was putting forth. I discussed that in detail in Part 3. I was on the hunt for something else, I found a reference to a book from someone I follow on Instagram, showing glimpses from what looked like a very interesting book. I was deeply intrigued and bought it on the spot. Fewer books have made an impact on me like Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza. It is a book that honestly evolved me as a person in mind, body, and spirit. This book complimented all of my previous studies, grounded my beliefs,  and refined my practices. This was exciting stuff.

Dr. Dispenza brought New Age concepts to more of the mainstream without the New Age grandeur, which is great for the movement. He not only spoke as a genuinely compassionate and intelligent individual, he brought to the table, science, with data and case studies.  This was the grounding validation that I had be looking for. It get’s hard to put your all into something on blind faith,  in my opinion, this had the data and the logic to back it up.

Becoming Supernatural is a book with a massive amount of information. I am actually a bit overwhelmed in trying to cover the book in this post because there is just so much here. I could go on and on about all the great information here but whatever I say could never give it proper justice. Please read this book. Especially if you are very skeptical to all this; although quite frankly, if you are here you can’t be all that skeptical because with all the crazy shit I get into I figured you’d have left a long time ago… hahaha. But this book helped to validate and ground many of my core beliefs. Because there is so much here, I will just go over some of the key concepts that resonated with me most.

The Mind and Body Connection

As I had mentioned in Part 3 about the imagination,  your imagination directly impacts your perspective of the world which in turn affects your reality. Dr. Dispenza took this a step further showing how it affects the physical body with case studies where for example you would have two groups. Over a period of time, one group did nothing, the others would sit in a meditative state and use their imagination alone to picture themselves working out their biceps. They were instructed to feel it and imagine in detail the muscles straining without actually flexing (purely the mind). At the end of the experiment the group that meditated the work out showed a 25% muscle gain in their biceps. This was demonstrated in other case studies as well. Case studies of healing major conditions using the mind were also discussed.

It is no mystery that the mind affects the body. If you are negative, angry, and or depressed; this puts stress on the body, creating an excess of negative chemicals to run through your system and over an extended period of time, will start to exhibit signs of sickness and disease. The opposite can be found, and has been openly acknowledged in medicine and science because it has to be accounted for in their experiments, is the the placebo effect. Positive thoughts and emotions producing healing chemicals and behaviors throughout the body. So if you train your mind to control your thoughts and to dwell on the life or person or the health that you want, this in turn conditions the body to that state.  Dr. Dispenza describes this,

” … thoughts cause biochemical reactions in your brain that release chemical signals, and those chemical signals make the body feel exactly the way you were just thinking. Those feelings then cause you to generate more thoughts that make you feel the same way you were just thinking. So your thoughts drive your feelings, and your feelings drive your thought… “

Now this can be a very powerful and positive thing, or it can be a very powerfully devastating thing. This is based on your consciousness. If you live your life unconsciously it means that you live a reactive life. Things happen to you that will then affect your thoughts which then affect your feelings which then affects your body and with law of attraction at play, you are then feeding that same energy back into the system causing it to repeat itself, this puts you in an endless loop.  This loop is an example of how we live in the past. As these events, thoughts and feelings get recorded to our memory and similar events occur or we are reminded consciously or unconsciously of those feelings, thoughts, or events, we repeat the cycle all over again.

So the goal here is to live consciously through intent and to reinforce the life that we want by putting our thoughts in positivity and imitating or becoming  the way we want to feel, which causes our body to live in this healthy environmental state that you’ve created for it mentally and emotionally. Doing this consistently causes the mind and body to reset – as in, this is the normal state, and it in fact, becomes easier to maintain because this is the norm. While doing this and feeding that energy into the law of attraction, we are then reinforcing that state of energy into the universe and creating a loop of positivity, because this is what we wish to be, we are  preparing our body for our future selves.

Organ and Cell Memory 

As I described in Part 3 in regards to red blood cells and white blood cells where the white blood cells are seemingly conscious and have memory – this is how they are able to attack diseases more efficiently the next time they are encountered. There also exists memory and energy in our organs. The most significant and measurable is in the heart. The heart’s electromagnetic field can actually be measured from several feet away and actually generates more electromagnetic energy than the brain. Dr. Dispenza describes a case of organ memory,

“The most dramatic story illustrating this involved an 8-year-old girl who after receiving a heart transplant from a 10-year-old girl, began having nightmares about being murdered. The donor had indeed been murdered, and the perpetrator had not been caught. The patient’s mother took her to a psychiatrist who was convinced that the girl was dreaming about events that had actually occurred. They contacted the police, who opened an investigation using the girl’s detailed account of the murder, including information on the time and place of the crime, the weapon, the physical characteristics of the criminal, and the clothing the murderer was wearing. The killer was identified, arrested, and convicted.”

If this sounds outrageous, there are plenty of stories out there describing similar events of transplanted organ patients adopting traits of their donors.

Chakras Explained

When I first got into meditation, chakras were always a hot topic, but I didn’t get it. I looked at that like other New Age foo foo as something made up to give definition and purpose in handling or balancing your energies, but is all just made up. Eric Pepin described it as electrical centers for the locations associated with them, and that simply acknowledging them by focusing on them activates that energy… okay, that makes a lot more sense.  Dr. Dispenza describes it in more biological terms, here is his description of the first, or root chakra,

“.. when your first center (the seat of your reproductive glands) is activated, with energy, its mind has a very specific agenda and intention. When you as a conscious being have  a thought or fantasy – that’s consciousness, by the way, acting on neurological tissue – the next thing you know, your body is physiologically changing and therefore so is your energy. Your body secretes chemicals and hormones from those corresponding glands to emotionally prepare you for intercourse. You have more energy in that center now, and it’s releasing its own specific frequency carrying an intentional message. “

This was made a lot of sense me. Describing that each chakra represents a system of the body with their own chemicals, intention,  and frequency. So meditating on those locations acknowledges those centers, supplying them with energy from this quantum field or ’empty space’. Feeding them feelings of love and appreciation, that attention activates them to function more cohesively with the rest of body, which inspires healing chemicals and behaviors from within that system. Brilliant, now I understand.

Elevated Emotions and Manifestation (Law of Attraction)

Eric Pepin also describes the importance of elevated emotions because it reinforces intention. Dr. Dispenza put an exclamation point on that which really drilled into me how important it really is. He states that manifestation is the process of broadcasting to the universe, along this universal consciousness wave, a unique frequency or electromagnetic signal of your intent, where complimenting signals would become attracted to and be pulled back to you in the form of opportunities and synchronicities .  Your intention from the mind provides the electrical charge. Your emotion creates a magnetic field, together, they form the electromagnetic field. You then compliment that with what I described in The Mind and Body Connection section, where you live, think, feel, and become in your thoughts, emotions and body that which you wish to manifest. I associate it with the concept of fake it till you make it. That is exactly what we are describing. If you do a manifestation meditation to broadcast that signal and in your daily life “fake it till you make it”, similar or complimenting frequencies or signals are going to be attracted to you. If you don’t believe this, think of what you and other people have attracted to your life. For a more contrast example – If you look like a criminal, act like a criminal, talk like a criminal – guess what kind of friends you are going to have? You attract what you put out.

Check out here how Dr. Dispenza describes intention and how it works.

So elevated emotion, I can’t emphasize enough about how important this is. In my development, surrendering to elevated emotion has had the greatest tangible impact. Eric Pepin discussed it so I put it into practice, but after reading Becoming Supernatural, he states it with passion about how necessary it is, so I took that to heart and stepped it up and the results were exponential.  As I’ve been developing I’ve been creating my own meditation audio to accompany it. I ended up combining my chakra meditations with manifestation meditations. Because from my practices in the teachings with Eric Pepin, he suggested when focusing on the heart chakra, to play some instrumental music that uplifts you with feeling emotions of gratitude. Dr. Dispenza spoke the same thing and also described it in doing manifestation meditations to evoke the feelings of already having been gifted or achieved that which you wish to manifest. He also stated that the emotion of gratitude is one that should always be evoked because gratitude already projects that the gift has already been received so it puts you in the proper mindset (see the video above). So I thought, well during the chakra meditation, when activating the heart chakra, since I’m already evoking this feeling of love and gratitude, then why not do the manifestation there as well. Kill two birds with one stone (sorry birds) haha. – no birds were harmed in the telling of the joke. ahem…

Anyway, the results were powerful. So much so, that I extended the meditation on the heart chakra for another song. The first song, I use to express my thanks for the blessings in my life. I picture all those close to me that have passed and I picture myself hugging and laughing with each of them. I think about hugging my daughter and just feeling as much love and gratitude as I can. I completely surrender into it. The next song I continue that emotion by picturing what I want to manifest. I picture my dream home in a beautiful jungle lagoon surrounded by green mountains. I picture myself walking out of my bungalow out onto the beach, sand between my toes, and paddle boarding through the lagoon, and as the music climaxes, I picture me and my daughter holding hands and flying over the lagoon just laughing and smiling. Every time, every single time I do the meditation I tear up with tears of joy and gratitude. Its such a powerful feeling… Then I continue to the third-eye and crown chakras. Any sadness, fear, negativity, or depression I had before the meditation is gone 100%, and that is no joke.

Meditation And The After Effects

How It Feels

Let me start by saying that during a meditation, my personal experience is this.. My body feels like a giant sandbag, sometimes it tingles and my body goes numb, but not in a lack of blood sort of way, that feels different, so there’s no danger there. In my belly, I can feel a very distinct welling of an emotion of some kind.  If I try to describe it, it’s like this euphoric ball that is growing in your belly and it seems to intensify or increase in size the deeper into the meditation I go. Before it would take a few minutes for the feeling to develop, now I can get it in about 3 seconds. It also sticks around afterward but I’ll get into that in a bit. My breathing goes super shallow, I actually sometimes seem to forget to breath, not in a scary way or anything you just inhale. I end up in a very deep trance, I feel as if it is the same thing as being in a self hypnosis. I actually don’t think there is a difference. My head feels like a balloon, light, airy and expanded.

Getting There

In meditations you can use your breath, mantras, tones or whatever to help you get into the state, I prefer tones. For me, following the breath in and out and focusing on it going down and up, is too much going on… for me the tone is singular and steady. I try to become the tone, like humming it in my head and becoming the vibration. I balance on it like on a balance beam. You lose focus and fall off, and I refocus and get back on.  But this is just me, do whatever works for you.

I’m In The Zone – Time To Play

Inside my airy and inflated head haha, when you are finally in the zone, this is when its play time. Any sort of psychic practice (healing, manifestation, remote viewing, astral traveling, spirit interaction, whatever) will pretty much be applicable here. Not that I’m good or competent at any of those, but you definitely get the feeling of – holy shit this feels freaking powerful, there’s gotta be something to this. This is a very real feeling so you can be skeptical about what all you might be able to do, but for sure you will feel that you should be able to do something pretty powerful in this state. Personally, I want to try it all because who knows what might stick or what I might have a knack for. It’s like getting a new sports car – you gotta try this puppy out and see what it can do! One of the many things I try to do is to expand my consciousness beyond the bounds of my head to make my awareness omnipresent. This is a prerequisite to remote viewing and astral traveling. I am still working on this. I can only get it for brief moments, but its amazing when you get it, because you feel endless. But its a work in progress.

Interaction In The Spirit Realm

I like how Eric Pepin describes in working with things like that. If you focus on it, it will disappear. So if something happens you can’t react or focus on it, you have to sort of soft gaze it with your peripherals and appreciate it but don’t focus on it or you will lose it. He is exactly right. This always happens to me whenever something cool happens then you suddenly focus on it cause its …well… cool… then it disappears and you have to start all over again. You have to train yourself not to react.


My meditations typically last from 40-60 mins. I like longer meditations because otherwise I feel rushed. I also typically resist spoken guided meditations – they are good to start with just to get the flow of a meditation. But what happens to me all the time is that I will be following a guided meditation and then you zone out for a second – then you snap back and you resume following the guided meditation but I lost my place. I was walking in a field now suddenly I’m in space, what did I miss?

Coming Out Of It

After I come out of it, in all honesty, I feel high on cannabis. My head is still floating, my body feels fluffy (not like fat or bloated) haha, sometimes I stumble a bit. The euphoric feeling in the belly is still there. I feel well rested, like I just woke up from a kick ass power nap. Now you can snap out of it and ground yourself by moving around, getting a snack or something. Dr. Dispenza recommends that you lay down for about 30-45 mins and let the healing power of the chakra meditation soak into your autonomic nervous system. I like to sit in a quite place or sit outside somewhere quiet and let it soak in, so I think that’s pretty much the same as what Dr. Dispenza suggests. I like to look around and try to see things in a more conscious way, maybe look for energy cues. Its very relaxing and peaceful, and most of all happy, contented, and blissful.

Lingering Effects

So depending on how deep your meditations are and how often you’ve been keeping up with your meditation practices, this will dictate how long the effects will last and how intensive it will feel. I’ve been meditating for about 1-2 hrs every 2-3 days for about 1 year now. I meditated the year before that quite a bit, but about 1 year now since I got into doing it very religiously (i hate – dislike that word). What you will notice is that because of the mediation practice of constantly letting go of thoughts and keeping your mind quite, your mind gets used to that and while you are awake, those nagging thoughts are further away and come less often, so you get a much clearer head. Then also, if you start to get negative feelings, sadness, fear, depression – then you treat it like you do when a thought intrudes your meditation, you let it pass. Of course there may be things you need to address and you address them… but you let the feeling pass away. If it is something significant like a death in the family, let those emotions play out first, just don’t dwell on those feelings for too long. What we are talking about is not suppression, it is letting go of things that don’t serve you. Pushing away the worries without addressing the problem is not the way. Push away the worry cause it does not serve you, but address the problem.

So because I do my meditations regularly, if I start to get those feelings creeping up on me more in frequency or I notice that they tend to linger, then I know I need to do another meditation to re-balance myself.  Also if I notice my mind is starting to get more distracted with thoughts, I know I need to meditate. If notice I start craving more distractions like games, movies, drinking or whatever, I know I need to meditate – it’s okay here and there but if you find yourself in more of a craving, then that is a sign you need to balance. Although I have had the opposite too, where focusing too much on spirituality, I feel like I need to do those grounding things like have some beer, go out, or whatever, but its not so much a craving of my mind to distract from my reality but rather my soul needs it. I think its my spirit’s way to tell me that I need a balance of all things, so indulge it! But through all that, after the meditation for even days after, I still feel that bliss, contentment and I can even still consciously feel that euphoric ball in my belly. If its a tumor you can be sure as shit I’m going to post a follow up post hahaha – I’m terrible.

My point is here that these are very real and tangible results. If you up keep that balance, you can keep away all those negative feelings and depression. I am currently going on 4 months into my divorce so it’s not like I am in a place where everything is all gravy in my life. I had attempted the divorce years ago before I had done meditation and it was very different.  I was losing it. I fell apart emotionally and had a hard time moving forward because I couldn’t think straight. This time it has been hard being away from my daughter – she and I are very close, but as a result of my meditation practice, I can say that I’m about as happy as I have ever been in my life, despite going through the hardest thing I have ever had to face in my life. So to me, that says something about the power of meditation. I’m happy because in my meditations when projecting the emotions of my future self – I am joyously grateful because my ex, my daughter, and I are all happy and are all better for it and that’s worth looking forward to.

My Chakra Meditation Practice

My latest for chakra meditation, manifestation and spirit guide connection can be found here…

Meditation for Chakra Balance, Spiritual Energy, Manifestation, and Spirit Guide Connection

I strongly recommend it. It may be for the more advanced that are familiar with and comfortable with maintaining long meditative states (1 hr) and it also incorporates multiple uses but beginners can take it slowly by using say about 15 minutes of it to practice getting into the state, then slowly work into doing the chakra meditations, then elevated emotions, manifestations, then finally incorporating spirit guide connection. Enjoy!

How It Began – Pt 3 – Eric Pepin, the Psychic and the Metaphysical Connection

After reading all I could about Dr. Steven Greer I began my search to find out what I could about God Consciousness. There were many other names for this state, the most common was universal consciousness. This in turn led me to Eric Pepin of the Higher Balance Institute.  Eric had been a psychic at a young age and came from a family of psychics. It wasn’t until later in life that he got into meditation and discovered the direct link between his psychic abilities and meditation. THIS is what I had been looking for. His approach resonated with me because he focused on the logic of what he was doing and why.

Note : In retrospect, some of my thoughts on him and his teachings have changed. I will get into that later in a retrospective post, but that evolution in my views does not change what I believed here so the information here is still very much valid.

When I first discovered Eric (which is the silliest name for guru haha), I checked out his podcast. His first one, Energy, Part 1: How to See Energy and Auras blew me away and I was immediately hooked.

It was explained in a way that I could truly relate to. I went out and bought all of his books and read them one after the other.

The reason I chose to believe him, is because I first got validation from reading about Dr. Greer and the connection between psychic abilities, universal conscious universe, and meditation. Because of my trust in Dr. Greer, I chose to believe these things were real, or at least there was something to it. Also, Dr. Greer’s books mainly focused on all things extra-terrestrial, which was absolutely and ironically invaluable in my spiritual journey. Eric’s teachings describe the same types of things both spiritually and in meditation but Eric’s primary focus was on meditation, spirituality, and the psychic connection so this was a natural evolution in my education. Because of this overlap I felt that Eric truly had something real to offer. What I also found intriguing is that his teachings were coming from a psychic, who I believed, would have a unique and possibly enlightened view of the spirit world and our connection to it. What made him such a great teacher for someone like me was the way he explained the concepts and how they were practical and useful in a language I could understand (plain english and not New Age mumbo-jumbo, “Harness your chi and merge your awareness with the light.”  haha.)


He explained that the quantum energy around us, connects all of us as a universal consciousness.  Not just here on Earth, but the universe and the spirit world. All things in the universe exist in their own vibration or frequency. You can interact or communicate with these things if you match your frequency or vibration with theirs. This is where meditation comes in. When you meditate you draw in, or attract, the energy, or prana as it’s called, from this quantum field around you. As you absorb this prana, it enables you to raise your vibration, mostly temporarily; however,  doing this regularly can cause a more permanent raise in your vibration, then when you meditate you are able to momentarily reach even higher vibrations. Doing this consistently and eventually opening up the doors to achieving more psychic abilities and enhancing any existing ones. Like any skill or muscle this requires a lot of practice, training, and maintenance. One new thing that was important to know here is that everyone is capable of all of psychic abilities, they can be developed; although of course, some are born naturally with stronger abilities than others, but anyone can develop them.

Energy Absorption

It’s important to understand the basics of energy. We see energy absorption all the time. When you set a rock out in the sun, the rock absorbs the heat. Bring the rock out of the sun and the rock retains the heat. The density or type of rock determines the amount of absorption and how long that energy is retained. Just like foam is used to absorb water and also sound. There also exists a life energy. We feel this all the time. You feel like someone is staring at you, you get a vibe when a certain person walks in the room. When there is tension “so thick you can cut it with a knife”.

If someone were to enter a room in a rage and take it out on a pillow, beating and screaming at the pillow, then leave the room. Someone else enters the room and picks up the pillow, that person is likely to feel uncomfortable and not know why. If you take some else’s shirt and put it on, do you feel, just for a second, like that person? At least, until your own energy gets absorbed into the shirt quickly replacing the old energy. Objects and people can absorb energy from whatever energy is around us. Some people give us energy others take from us. We use meditation to help balance that. So do crystals work? Yes, because they absorb energy. Some crystals absorb certain energies better. I was finally starting to understand.


In order to achieve anything in meditation, it begins with establishing extended periods of time in non-thought. Your body consists of millions of living organisms. Some are conscious some are not. Take for example your blood-cells. There are red blood cells and white blood cells. Red blood cells mindlessly follow their path carrying oxygen around the body. White blood cells can identify and attack an offending bacteria, communicate for the help of other white blood cells, and learn how to do it better the next time.

Given that the mind is merely a sense. It is just interpreting electrical responses to it. It is NOT who we are. The problem is with millions of organisms each with their own electrical signals flooding our brains along with these external energies we are not able to hear our true selves. Our true intuition. So we must learn to quiet the mind so that we can hear the subtle voice of our intuition. The universe does not speak in words. It speaks through images and emotion. This language is very subtle.

Non-thought is quieting the voices. Close your eyes focus on your breath, tone, mantra, whatever works, and stick to it until you forget that you are concentrating on your breath, tone and mantra. Loosen every muscle, slow your breathing (should happen naturally-at least for me). Thoughts will come and you will want to speak to them. Do not speak to them and let them pass. If you catch yourself speaking which includes “Hey, I’m doing it!” you need to stop and refocus. Sometimes you will be talking to and engage a thought for minutes at a time and not even realize it, once you do, don’t get frustrated, just let it go and refocus…. do this over and over again until for 3+ minutes you can go without engaging the thoughts in your head – then you can get mystical.  I personally prefer using tones… I try to become the tone and balance on that tone. It is very effective for me in achieving non-thought. Ultimately though, you want to be able to do it by focusing on the breath because that is always readily available to you. You don’t want to have to rely on anything external., BUT when learning, do what works for you and keeps you interested.

Lastly, don’t be afraid. You may achieve sensations and emotions that are intense that you have never felt before, surrender to it. Once you have achieved non-thought,  you are ready to take it to the next level.


Chakras, or power centers in the body, represent major electrical and chemical intersections of the body. Concentrating on filling these centers with energy, drawing energy from the quantum field or ’empty space’, results in balancing those centers. Balancing your chakras results in a balanced well-being of mind body and soul. This ABSOLUTELY works so no smoke up your butt there hahaha… This is often associated with yoga because adding yoga before or after a chakra meditation will go that much further in balancing the body and freeing up obstructions in the flow of energy. Chakra meditations are also required for more advanced meditation techniques and psychic activities because it charges you with energy. Later in part 4, I would learn much more about the chakras, their roles, and their importance, but at this time, this is what I knew of them.

Remote Viewing and Astral Traveling

This universal field is also what allows for remote viewing. Meditation allows your consciousness to vibrate and shift into other dimensions, from here you can achieve remote viewing and astral traveling as Dr. Greer had described.  Another reference for this is Paul H. Smith, PhD, who is a founder and past-president of the International Remote Viewing Association. A former Army intelligence officer, he served for seven years as part of the military’s top-secret remote viewing program. Here is a part one of a two part series where he describes how it works. Very interesting.

Connecting To The Spirit World

Because of the universal field, this enables a psychic to connect to someone or something in the spirit world. For example, when a psychic holds something precious from someone who has passed, the psychic will then try to tune into the vibration of that individual. They will try to tune into the energy that was absorbed into the object. They then try to match that vibration to connect with that individual that matches that energy. You then use your senses to try to interpret the messages.  The quality of the message depends on how well the psychic can connect with the entity as well as their ability to interpret what is being received. They are not given words to speak; although this can be done through a different medium called channeling, but that’s a whole different post.

What I found fascinating is that this process requires the psychic to have to have confidence in what they are receiving. For example if someone asked the psychic that they wish to connect with their grandmother who died in the holocaust and the psychic immediately sees in their mind an image of a unicorn with a clown on its back, you have to be confident that this is the message and interpret that. So especially, for many years, while you are developing, you could just be spitting nonsense and people would think you are crazy. Its such a hard thing to master and you only have your gut to validate it in that you know that it is not coming from you, but from somewhere else. So its hard to convince people.. hey, trust me, its a gut feeling. But that does not mean its not real.


This is a common theme in meditation and also what I have gathered from Dr. Greer, faith in what it is you are seeing or experiencing is important because otherwise you may dismiss something that was real. Remember the messages are subtle so they are easy to dismiss. The method is to never question or dismiss your experiences in meditation or psychic practice until after the practice is over and you can analyze it; however, in the moment you have to go with it and assume it is a meaningful piece of information or experience. This is sometimes a hard thing to swallow, but it does make sense.  Think of when anybody is trying to do something they don’t think they can do, like in sports for example. You always say, you have to believe in yourself, because if you don’t believe in yourself you won’t have the proper mindset and give it your all. It’s the same idea here, you have to believe in it and put your heart into it, or else, like in sports, you may get lucky and still achieve it, but chances are you are not. You have to stack all the cards in your favor. You have to believe and put in the work. It takes courage to believe, it’s an easy out to just disbelieve.  There is no risk there. At least give it a shot and put to the test so you can make your own informed decision.

It takes time for you to learn to identify and distinguish what is from your mind and what is from some other source. These are very subtle cues that you feel that you must learn to expose by quieting the mind and learning to identify them. It takes practice with a lot of trial and error, but it does develop.


One very important element in all of this is imagination. This is where the confusion comes in I think, that turns people away from all this (including myself before) because they don’t quite understand this, or don’t believe it. Imagination is what fuels our reality and allows us to expand our outer world as well as our inner world. Now I sound like one of those New Age mumbo-jumbos hahaha.

Here’s an example we see all the time, if you are sad and you dwell on that sadness, everything around you reminds you of how sad things are, from pictures you see, the music on the radio, people’s attitude, everything. It can even influence your health and make you sick. If you are happy and in love, the world is lovely, everything reflects this idea of love. So what’s the difference? The state of mind. Your perspective. Your perspective is influenced by your imagination whether grounded or ungrounded. If you are sad and pretend to be happy and believe you are happy… you will see that shift. Just like positive attitude is a healing placebo for health. The opposite can be said if you are happy in love then force yourself to be angry and hateful, things will deteriorate around you.

Your imagination even controls your memories. How many times have you remembered something different than what really happened? But what you THINK happened is what drives how you feel about that event, that event could effect the rest of you life if that had a strong impact on you. If you were not responsible for a car wreck, but you believed you were, think of the impact your imagination would have on you.

Imagination is used in meditation to bring life and context to something, it can also be a language specific to the individual. For example, if the thing you loved most was this world was a stuffed bear you’ve had since you were a baby and you wanted to express your love for someone who has passed you may imagine handing them that bear because to you, that bear means all the love in the world. That person would know what it meant because its not the bear that matters but the emotion that was behind it. Or the other way around. You fall asleep and imagine this person walking up to you, handing you this stuffed bear. Because this is how you see love, this is a language that is purely your own. This is how your imagination is used as a personal language.

There is an meditation exercise by Eric in cord-cutting where in the meditation you cut emotional ties. So you pretend there is a sword in your hand and you physically move it around your body imagining the cords breaking away and freeing you. You can do the cord-cutting any way you want. What’s important is the intention and the emotion behind it. The imagination just helps as like a shortcut for us to easily make that connection to the intention and emotion we trying to evoke.

If you wanted to throw a ball of energy you would imagine and physically mold this ball of light in your hands and cast it out like Airbender haha. It looks ridiculous, but you are tying intention and emotion together to achieve the result that you want.

Understanding this allowed me to let go of a lot of skepticism and open up to why things can get so weird. haha… For example if you miss your dead grandmother but you are scared to death to see her in a dream, she might choose to come to you as a bunny because it makes you more comfortable. Everyone’s experience in meditation and in spirituality is so varied and so different because all of our imaginations are different.  Understanding this also helped me make sense of all the guided meditations out there. I never understood why I have to imagine a field or whatever. There is a feeling and intention they are trying to evoke by having you imagine these things. Understanding this can also empower you to use your imagination more effectively… if you are told to imagine this but its more powerful for you to imagine that… then imagine that instead.

Things were starting to make sense… and oh, it gets way deeper.


Where We Disagree

I can’t thank Eric Pepin enough for the knowledge I gained from him through his podcasts and books. His teachings have helped me tremendously on my journey. That being said, I do have some criticism. I think it is important that you separate the man, from the teaching. You can learn a lot from their teaching and not agree with the man. He tends to play to the guru complex where he will state things that reduce or belittle his students (reader) by saying things to the effect, ‘I have to simplify my descriptions because you wouldn’t understand it at my level.’ or ‘you will understand when you’ve become enlightened like me.’ These are not direct quotes but rather the tone of similar expressions. He puts himself higher than others even though he repeatedly says he does not. It is arrogance. His books are transcripts and not written works, as a result, there is a lot of repeating the same concepts and often times it seems as though he is just making it up as he goes on a particular topic. I feel he needs to always know the answers and therefore always provides one instead of stating, I don’t know.

I came to see this more clearly as I evolved past my Eric Pepin stage to other teachers. I’ve seen a lot of overlap between his beliefs and others so I’m confident in his core teachings but I think when it comes to the details he makes it up. He has a lot of spiritual meditation exercises that I think are fantastic. These do work, which you can tell when you understand about working with elements in meditation like imagination, intent, motion, chakras, and energy. These are great for all sorts of spiritual uses from practicing non-thought, spiritual movement, cord-cutting, spiritual defense, chakra balancing, and more. He is also great on describing what you are looking for, how you know its working, what the purpose is, and how it works. These have all been the strengths that have worked for me and, in fact, shown results in my spiritual development. So just be aware of these things when following Mr. Pepin’s teachings. Take what works but be weary of his philosophies.

There is one belief presented by Mr. Pepin that I firmly disagree about. Mr Pepin states that there are no spirit guides, that they have better things to do than hang around us waiting for us to call. Later on in my development I’ve come to believe this to be absolutely false. This knowing also made me question Mr. Pepin’s connection to the spirit world because this seems to be something quite easily felt even early on in your spiritual development. He spoke of many other entities in the spirit realm but none to be mistaken for guides. This was disappointing but I still stand by what I learned from Mr. Pepin and would still recommend his work because it is great to get a broad overview and foundation for a lot of different topics as it relates to meditation, spirituality, the metaphysical, and psychic abilities but take it with caution. However, as I have expanded my knowledge on the subject I will look elsewhere to further my path.